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A recent Facebook study shows that 66% of app users only open apps between one and 10 times. Last month, Facebook rolled out a new feature to increase engagement and conversions, for mobile apps, to their broadening line-up of Ad-units. Previously, these mobile ads could only drive users to install the app, but not many actually used it. These new features now offer 7 different call-to-actions, including “Play Game”, “Use App”, and “Book Now”.


Facebook also gave a run down of how to develop these ads using Power Editor. If developing ads is not your thing, you can always ask us. Using the custom audience option in Power Editor you can upload your list of existing app users. You can also use all the previous targeting topics, such as interest, demographics or mobile device. With the latest software development kit you can track and measure actions taken within the app, for example “purchased” or “level achieved”. This new addition is a huge upgrade for mobile app developers to not only drive installs, but also engage users and measure results.


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