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The iPhone changed the game.

Don’t say you never saw it coming. With the proliferation of cell phones, PDA’s, camera/video phones, and now the ubiquitous iPhone, there was bound to come a day when people starting turning to their cell phones to do things their computers can do.

In a press release today, ComScore announced that the number of people who access the Internet on their mobile phones more than doubled from January 2008 to January 2009. While 10,821 people accessed the web from their phones in January 2008, 22,369 people did the same in January 2009, pointing to exponential growth in the mobile sector.

For advertisers doing media buys and wondering where mobile users are gathering, the answer shouldn’t surprise you. According to ComScore, the top 3 things people are doing when they access the web from their phones are reading news and information, visiting social networks and blogs, and checking stock prices and personal finances.

For more info on how to reach mobile consumers, download this free white paper from Nielsen.


One thought on “Mobile Web Use More Than Doubles in 2009
  1. Joe says:

    Its very interesting how even the entertainment industry is moving towards mobile. For example, the music video of Beyonce’s hit “Single Ladies” was directed especially for mobiles. No more flashy lights and color clutter. For those small screens, the producer strategy was to make it clear and crisp. Center stage, like how it should be.

    Check it out on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VJFWH8vxcg

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