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Welcome to the fourth installment of our employee spotlight! We’d like to take a minute and introduce you to Angelo Lillo, Director of Paid Search Operations here at Wpromote.

Q: What is your favorite Wpromote memory?

A: Nothing will replace the memories from back in 2013 when the remodeling was taking place and we had to temporarily rearrange our seating arrangements to where our desks were practically on top of one another. Those were some fun times because it really brought us closer together as a team.


Q: When were you hired? What was your starting position?

A: The Wpromote journey began back in March 2013 when I was hired as a PPC Manager. Things were quite different back then when the department had a fraction of the managers that it has today.

Q: Do you have a morning mantra/routine? What is it?

A: A typical morning consist of me listening to either Frank Sinatra or Jack Johnson as I drive to work, getting to my desk, watering my money tree, eat a bowl of cereal or fruit before diving into the day ahead of me.

Q: What’s your favorite book?

A: While my book collection consists mainly of business books that revolve around marketing or leadership topics, my favorite book, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, has more to do with the ideology of living in the present moment. This book really puts things into perspective and has had a major impact on how I live my life. I tend to reference it with not just personal matters but also in the business world as well. Highly recommend it!!!


Q: What’s your go-to LA activity?

A: Apart from what some may think (Marissa), I don’t go clubbing in Hollywood and pop bottles; instead these days the bottle popping is taking place at Malibu Wines. You can’t beat great live music and sunny weather while drinking wine in the Malibu canyons.


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