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Welcome to the sixteenth installment of our employee spotlight! Today you’ll get to know a little about one of our Client Success Specialists out of the Houston office: Brandon McGrath!

Q: What do you look forward to most on Monday?
A: Coming home from a hard day’s work to my cat, Leonidas, a bottle (or two) of Moscato, and my DVR with all of the shows I missed from the previous weekend.

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment at Wpromote?
A: My biggest accomplishment at Wpromote has been creating ideas to help hoteliers reach people outside of their general audience while boosting their bottom line. I think the most rewarding thing about my position is seeing real-time data of revenue-generating campaigns and the reach and engagement of our online ads.

Q: When were you hired? What was your starting position?
A: April 2015, Client Services Specialist.

Q: Do you have a morning mantra/routine? What is it?
A: My morning routine includes plugging in my phone to my car’s stereo so I can listen to my playlist on Spotify on my way into the office. Nothing feels more empowering than jamming to music while stuck in Houston’s Monday morning traffic. I generally like to re-live the 90s, but lately have been going back and forth through time. The oldest song I have on my playlist would be “When Love Calls” by Atlantic Starr.

Q: What is your favorite book or movie and why?
A: “Fun with Dick and Jane” because Jim Carrey is, by far, the best comedian. My favorite lines from this movie are when Jane and Dick are trying to sneak a television out of the house from their son and he goes, “Oh no! What are you doing with the television… Don’t take away my Telemundo!” And the time when Dick is working at a warehouse store and his one job is to greet everyone that comes into the door. Well, this lady slips past him and he has to track her down. She grabs two hands full of washing detergent and throws it in Dick’s face after saying, “I saw you eyeballing me! All up in my goodies!”

Q: What is your go-to Houston Activity?
A: Anywhere in the Loop. It could be Washington Avenue, Montrose, the Museum District, or Kirby. Houston has a new restaurant or bar popping up almost every day!

Q: What is your perfect Sunday-Funday?
A: My perfect Sunday fun involves good friends, music, drinks (mostly mimosas), and food (mostly a buffet).

Q: What is your theme song (for your life) and why?
A: My theme song for my life would be anything from Rihanna circa “Loud,” “Unapologetic,” and “Anti.” I got to meet Rihanna for the first time in San Antonio back in 2010.


Q: If you weren’t doing digital marketing, what would you be doing and why?
A: I think I still would be doing something that involves social media and websites. Maybe something along the lines of being a travel/foodie vlogger sharing the best spots to travel and best spots to get your money’s worth while on vacation.

Q: What would you name the autobiography of your life – and why?
A: “Brandon Was Here!”

Q: What celebrity do people think you look like?
A: I have a ton of celebrity doppelgängers, ranging from Will Smith to Darryl Stephens (Noah Nicholson from Logo’s “Noah’s Arc”).


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