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Not Provided DataBy now, everyone throughout the digital marketing world has heard about Google’s effort to transfer all keyword data into a (not provided) category by November 30, 2013.

One particular way to assess how well your company’s branded keywords are performing is to monitor the direct traffic channel in Google Analytics.

When thinking about how online consumers search when looking for information or services from established brands, they typically apply the brand’s URL or they search for a branded term.

So for brands that are eager to understand how well their branded terms are performing each month; in-house marketers and SEO Specialists need to develop strategies that consider offline and third-party platforms for increasing direct traffic and supporting brand awareness.

Here are six simple ways that you can maximize your branded keyphrase opportunity in a (not provided) digital world.

Branded Social Media Campaigns

1. Set Up Branded Social Media Campaigns

Developing a branded social media campaign that has all active social profiles working in-sync with each other is an excellent way to bring your branded terms to the top of consumer’s minds.

Whenever you have an opportunity to create new forms of branded content, make sure that you push it through all of your active social handles with uniform call-to-actions that ask viewers to interact with your website.

2. Create and utilize forms of User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is a phenomenal way to attract and capture new audiences to your branded properties on a regular basis.

Community Message BoardCreating community message boards that allow like-minded consumers to discuss and share experiences and thoughts with each other goes a long way in supporting traditional SEO metrics from search visibility to online authority.

However, UGC platforms also help advance brand awareness as all discussion takes place within your brand’s realm. When consumers discuss what they like about particular products, what common issues they face and how they can overcome them, all of the terms they use are recognized and indexed by search engines.

Allowing your target audience to submit personal reviews and testimonials are also excellent catalysts for increasing brand awareness and thus, increasing the use of branded keywords.

Branded PPC Campaign

3. Set Up Branded Paid Search Campaigns

Developing a paid search campaign that emphasizes branded terms helps support top of mind awareness, as online searchers are immediately

introduced to your brand when landing on particular search engine results pages.

Setting up branded paid listings that are complimented by relevant branded content supports consumer awareness and will help increase your overall search metrics, including keyword and online authority.

4. Increase Your Sponsorships

Not only are sponsorships an amazing way to drive positive PR to your brand, but they are also an excellent way to:

  • Generate branded traffic
  • Increase your site’s volume of credible backlinks
  • Support online search interest

5. Push Display Ads

Launching a banner ad campaign allows you to connect with new consumers in environments that they frequent the most.

Setting up display ads on websites that are similar in nature to your business and relate to the lifestyle themes associated with your services, will allow you to maximize your new visitor and conversion opportunities each month, as well as support top of mind awareness for branded terms.

6. Make Your Offline Ads Support Your Online Efforts

Pushing your digital properties to offline consumers is the single greatest way to increase any search campaign, from maximizing immediate traffic/conversions to propelling search rankings.

Because offline media is designed to primarily promote top of mind awareness, it makes perfect sense to include branded keywords and instructions for how you want your audience to find you digital properties.

Brands such as Esurance do an excellent job of this and over time are able to successfully create a revolving door of quality traffic.


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