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Just in case you are not aware of what a passive income is, most people refer to it as the money you make while you’re sleeping.  This is that paycheck you earn for doing virtually nothing, in other words, your dream job.  Obviously this quick definition is inflated for effect but in this blog I will be sharing all of the least shady operations that provide users with the simple tools to make a substantial to mediocre passive income.  I will also be sharing a few experiences I had with jobs that claimed to pay me to surf the web and fill out surveys, that I am sure will be haunting my email box for years to come.

Let’s start with an up and coming passive income tool that I just signed up for, and have found very unintrusive, MyLikes.  This tool allows people to choose advertisements that are then posted on their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or blogs.  The advertisements are composed of a quick, engaging sentence, and a link.  I think MyLikes’ strategy to allow users to choose from a long list of potential advertisers is a wise decision because it gives people an opportunity to make the advertisement seem natural.  Many of the tag lines resemble a statement that someone would post about the brand without the incentive of a paycheck.  People who use MyLikes are compensated per click, and people who have a larger influence in social media get paid more every time their friends click on the advertisement.  With the backing of Khosla Ventures I think MyLikes has a good chance of showing up more often on social media networks in the future.

This next quick and easy way to make money has become very popular over the past year, and has inspired many replica sites, it poses the question “What are you willing to do for $5?” Fiverr.com is a funny site that allows entrepreneurs to pursue any venture, large or small, as long as they are willing to only get paid $5 for each task.  Right now the most popular $5 service is “I will send 10,000 visitors to any website for $5.”  While it sounds a little too sketchy for me to suggest to any clients, this Fiverr-er received 969 positive reviews.  I am assuming the task of sending 10,000 “visitors” to a site is heavily automated, so if this job only requires a few minutes to implement, their profit of around $5,000 is well worth the time.

Affiliate Programs are very popular amongst people who are pursuing passive incomes, and this strategy can be very effective, if you have a website or somewhere that you can publish advertisements.  Because of the widely accepted practice of affiliate marketing there is unfortunately a large amount of scams out there that pray on hopeful website owners.  Thankfully, there are still some quality affiliate programs out there that really can deliver a promising passive income.

Here are my final suggestions for a quality passive income.  These all take minimum resources to start, some free time, and some know how.  First up is Mechanical Turk (Mturk).  This service allows business owners to post quick items that they need done.  Usually they are monotonous, but rarely take any more skill than the click of a mouse.  If you are a talented photographer you can post your images on these sites, and you will get compensated each time someone uses your photo.  If you can design a shirt, and/or sell someone else’s, here’s a list of sites that will help you get started.  If you’ve got an answer for everyone’s question, please go to JustAnswer.com.  Also just beware, in my research to find a passive income I came across a handful of sites that promised to “pay me to surf”.  After signing up with one “employer” I was bombarded with emails from 15 companies asking me to “work” for them.  Definitely avoid these traps.

Go make some money, and if you have any great ideas on how to make a passive income please leave it below.


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