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So you’re sitting at your desk, you have your coffee sizzling from your favorite mug…check, your mind is fresh and rested from the day before…check, you are ready for life to be easier…wait…what. Let me help with that, I have a few apps to recommend for your Apple MacBook that will maximize your energy levels and hopefully reduce frustration. So in no particular order, here we go:

1. BetterTouchTool

Download from: https://www.boastr.net/downloads/bettertouchtool

Cost: Free for now, later this year a $3 donation

Years I’ve been using it: 3

At one time, I was primarily a Windows guy until Apple called my name (which Siri failed to spell and pronounce correctly, LOL). In Windows, a user a can maximize a window with the touch of a button, even snap the window to the top, bottom, left, and right halves of the screen to maximize space. This tool does just that and more.

2. Show Desktop

Download from: http://www.everydaysoftware.net/showdesktop/

Cost: Free

Years I’ve been using it: 2

Another thing Microsoft Windows does right is have a “Show Desktop” button at the end of the taskbar. I find myself grinding my teeth having to minimize all these windows just to get to my MacBook’s desktop screen (after all, why bother putting up funny or inspiration wallpaper if you can’t even see it?). Also, most of us put important files on our desktops, and this makes it very easy to access them.

3. F.lux

Download from: https://justgetflux.com/flux-shot

Cost: Free

Years I’ve been using it: 4

It’s been shown that reducing white light on your screen can increase energy levels and reduce eye strain. When I was much younger, my eyes would be a solid red color after looking at a computer screen for 8 hours a day. This app solves all that. It takes a while to get used to, however it is customizable by time of day or your zip code.

4. Brighter Screen Lite

Download from: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/brighter-screen-lite/id431059009?mt=12

Cost: Free

Years I’ve been using it: 1

Being on the go means sometimes working outside in the sun. Even after maxing out the brightness on my MacBook, it can still be hard to see my screen. This is where Brighter Screen Lite comes into play, allowing another couple more notches of brightness. This app combined with F.lux is a championship combination.

5. Fluid

Download from: http://fluidapp.com/

Cost: Free

Months I’ve been using it: 1

Here at Wpromote, we use Asana for our Project Management System. Me being me, I am not a big fan of always having Safari or Chrome open for Web Apps. Asana does not have a native Mac App available yet, so I used Fluid to create a custom Mac App. I also used Fluid to create Custom Mac Apps for video streaming services such as Netflix.


What are your experiences with these apps? Good? Bad? Comment below. There you have it, thank you for your time and attention. No really that’s it, I can’t give all my secrets away. Enjoy.


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