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“Has anyone gotten this error message before?” a manager asked recently. “Apparently a group I was targeting is no longer a target on Facebook.”

If you’ve run ads in the last month, you’ve probably seen the same message:

Since June 8, Facebook has been conducting a review of their Interest targeting options. A number of Interests that advertisers were previously able to target will no longer be available for new ads and soon stop delivering for old ads.  It’s important to note that the removal of these Interests does not mean that the individual pages are deleted.

The update offers advertisers the opportunity to review and refresh their targeting audiences (as they should regularly!) and, if everything goes well, will improve the effectiveness of Facebook’s targeting options without compromising its users’ experience.

Advertisers whose campaigns include outdated Interests will be notified to update their targeting. Ads without updated targeting options will find that those Interests will have been automatically removed by July 10, and the ad will no longer deliver to the original audience. In any event, this change would not affect current performance or decrease spend.


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