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I recently attended Impart Social’s LinkedIn Marketing workshop in downtown LA to learn more about the popular platform’s performance capabilities. What I learned and experienced was more than I expected. We took some time to cover the basics of attending your personal profile, as well as covering all the different tools that LinkedIn offers, for example: utilize LinkedIn Pulse, Groups, Sponsored Ads and Updates, and Analytics. The importance of these was lost on me until this workshop. Here’s what I learned:

The more you utilize all of LinkedIn’s tools like Pulse, Groups, and Analytics, the more you are able to build out your group of followers. And I’m not just talking numbers, but building up your quality as well. And this is where it can have an affect on your ad performance: the more eyes on your brand means the more eyes on your sponsored updates.

Upon discussing paid advertising options it became clear that sponsored updates are better than sponsored ads. Sponsored Ads differ from updates in a few small ways:

Sponsored Ads

  • Ads appear within the top right bar
  • Images must be 50×50 in size

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.51.01 AM

Sponsored Updates

  • Updates appear within the news feed versus top right bar
  • Receives up to 20% more clicks than ads
  • Allows more characters for headline and description

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.51.52 AM

After analyzing the very interesting pros and cons between the two types of advertising, we dove into budget and targeting, which most of us were already familiar with. However, our speaker Nori eloquently discussed budget management, as well as a few really interesting LinkedIn-specific advertising specs like:

  • The minimum daily budget is $10 on LinkedIn
  • Budget for 100 clicks a day to ensure a large sample size for LinkedIn analytics
  • Ads are delivered at different rates during the day depending on your target audience’s activity on LinkedIn

Overall Impart Social offered an all-encompassing class that was education on both high- and low-levels to give us attendees a firm understanding as well as foundation to build up our personal and business pages on LinkedIn.


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