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Three days left to shop for Christmas. That’s right: uno, dos, tres. If you’re anything like me, you’re not quite finished. When juggling countless tasks at work before the holidays, meeting deadlines, putting out fires, and then somehow getting convinced to write a blog post (insert wink here), you don’t have much time to run all over town in hopes of finding the “perfect” gift. So what do you do? You turn to your trusty sidekick, the interweb. While browsing, I found some amazingly chic and tech-savvy gifts. I like these items so much so, that once I am finished writing this, I am going to forward the entire list to my family (because they, like me, are not finished with shopping either. Chalking it up to genetics.). If you’re concerned they won’t arrive in time, I have you covered. You can always include a note in the card stating “because this item is so popular, it has been back-ordered for weeks now, and will be arriving just shortly after the holidays. Technology- it works for us, just as much against us!” You’re welcome.

1. This one goes out to my east-coast girlfriends. Knowing very well many of them are glued to their BlackBerry’s at all times of the day, and night, they shouldn’t have to choose staying warm over BBM’ing. The solution? DKNY Cashmere Pop-Top Glove, which have since been dubbed as “texting gloves.” Let’s be real, they don’t call it a crack berry for nothing.

DKNY Pop-Top Gloves

DKNY Pop-Top Gloves

2. The perfect gift for the amateur alcoholic. We all know the type- they swirl their glass of red wine before sipping, followed by stating “it has a ‘peppery’ taste to it,” but then will order house vodka when out at a bar. When in actuality, they should aim to show off fun drinking gadgets, rather than knowledge of liquor itself. Queue in, the Cocktail Chemistry Set. Mixing your cocktails in test tubes and beakers… now that’s impressive!

Cocktail Chemistry Set

Cocktail Chemistry Set

3. Remember the cool kids who carried their combs in the back pocket of their blue jeans? Think 90210’s Dylan McKay, or for our parent’s sake, Danny Zuko. This combination hair comb USB device allows for easy reach of data that fits nice and tight in your jeans. Carry your files, with flair.

Comb USB Flash Drive

Comb USB Flash Drive

4. Things are always crazy in the office just before the holidays. You go from one meeting to the next, only to return to a full inbox and your desk phone blinking with messages. So what is the first thing you do? You reach for the cookies sitting out in the kitchen area. We’ve all fallen victim to this. Before taking your stress out on a cookie, take it out on a cupcake… a squeezable stress ball in the shape of a cupcake. The best part? They contain way less calories and carbs than real cupcakes.

Cupcake Stress Ball

Cupcake Stress Ball

5. Everyone is doing it: Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta, Salvatore Ferragamo, even Marc by Marc Jacobs have all designed iPad cases. My personal favorite, however, was created by Burberry. This bright yellow case truly stands apart from the rest. And with Emma Watson, better known as, “Hermione”, as the face of Burberry’s fall campaign, this gift should really warm your nerdy heart.

Burberry iPad Case

Burberry iPad Case

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3 thoughts on “Last Minute Holiday Gifts For The Tech & Fashion-Forward
  1. Mike says:

    What Burberry doesn’t do plaid anymore? Great list.

  2. I think that my wife would love those pop top gloves, she is always telling me she can’t type because her hands are frozen in the office, what a way to stay productive, and warm!

  3. Angela says:

    Impressive Maria Sass!!! Great job as always!!!

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