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Over the past weekend, Nike released another video online of Kobe Bryant sporting the new Hyperdunk shoes.  This time, the League MVP wasn’t leaping over a moving vehicle, but rather jumping over a pool filled with poisonous snakes.

While some fans may believe Kobe when he says his stunts are real, we at Wpromote are just enjoying the videos for the laughs they’ve provided.  Today, we look into how these videos have been received online, their viral success and how they’ve jumped the search engine results pages (SERPS).

At the time of this post, Kobe’s original Aston Martin leap video has accumulated over 8 million views (this is only factoring in the first page search results found on YouTube).  Bryant’s most recent pool jump is currently surpassing 1.5 million views.  While Kobe may still have a lot of work to do to catch up to Tay Zonday the popularity for a video so blatantly produced by Nike is nonetheless impressive.

Video Search Results

Video Search for professional athletes have generally been dominated by League, ESPN or FOX broadcasted content.  For the most part, the top 10 video results for the majority of professional athletes can be broken into the following categories:

  • Highlight Reels / Top 10 Plays (either fan created, league produced or copied from national broadcasts)
  • Player Interviews
  • Sports Shows & Announcer Commentary
  • Fan Created Montages (Photo & Video)
  • Press Events & Signings

Of course thrown in are the occasional scandals or episodes of MTV Cribs, but rarely do commercials come in top for professional players.

Kobe Bryant Car Jump Video Search Results
As of yesterday, the Nike and Aston Martin video held the top position for Google Video searches for Kobe Bryant and came in 10th on a general search on Google (Google Search: Kobe Bryant).

Where does this bring us?

This comes to show the power of a successfully produced viral video.  For companies and brands contracting professional athletes and celebrities, the success of their videos do not necessarily end after the initial viewing spike, but rather can carry on much longer as the video is continually displayed high in search results for that talent.  As Google continues to integrate in Universal Search even more, the ability for a brand to capitalize on top image and video search results for a celebrity becomes more valuable.

Will this be a new form of search branding?  Will Herbalife try a viral video with David Beckham?  It’s very possible a year from now when someone searches for Kobe Bryant that they’ll be reminded of Nike shoes and an Aston Martin.  But until then, may the search results be dominated by playoff wins and maybe a 1 or 2 more daring jumps.

Go Lakers!


3 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Jumps Snakes & SERPS
  1. Chris Laub says:

    So I guess Nike doesn’t need Wpromote to get them to the first page, darn.

  2. Gina Perry says:

    Great post Christian! Go Lakers! I too would be interested to know whether or not these videos remain popular over an extended period of time. Personally, I feel they will continue to be favorable as long as they incorporate entertaining material and subject matter.

  3. mudbotkilla says:

    I think the first to comments miss the point here completely.
    What nike is doing is profiting from the viral nature of social networking, but as the level of corporate virals increase, it could very well drown out the social nature of the net, we may end up losing the next tay zonday to starbucks new coffee ad!

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