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“The Last Mile of Social Media is solved by ‘connecting the brand’ and its purpose, value, intent, and voice ‘with the consumers’ in and around the diverse roles they play in the business ecosystem.” Said Brian Solis, Digital Analyst & Futurist, in 2010. Connecting your brand with consumers is the golden fleece of marketing for any sized business. But Brian didn’t forecast the actual ability to get the brand’s product into the hands of the customer.

Imagine that it’s National Donut Week and you are a nationally known donut brand. What do you do to engage consumers? You go to your social media channels and tweet something like…

“Tweet your favorite donut flavor!?!? #DonutWeek”

Your followers get all excited, reply and RT with their “Crumb #DonutWeek,” “chocolate #DonutWeek,” or “plain #DonutWeek.” They feel heard. Marketers call that ‘engagement.’

True, but does that engagement drive consumers into your stores? Does it deliver your product into their hands? Is it measurable against revenue?

Imagine instead that on National Donut Week, you tweet this…

“Tweet your favorite donut flavor and be surprised #DonutWeek”

Imagine that the followers who tweet back with the designated #hashtag receive a branded personalized eGift card delivered to their @Twitter handle, rave about it on social media, and take it into your store to redeem it. That’s ‘last mile engagement.’

The same campaign is easily done on your website’s blog, via Facebook, in an email, or even on LinkedIn. That’s ‘omni-channel last mile engagement.’

Now, Imagine that you have visibility on who opened your eGift card, where they redeemed it, and when. That’s ‘measurable, omni-channel, last mile engagement!’

eGift Cards Monetize Online Channels

eGift cards are not only a valuable tool that replace plastic gift cards and old-school paper gift certificates, but when used creatively, they are a powerful way to monetize websites, social channels, and email newsletters without the need for eCommerce capability.


Imagine your customers purchasing your eGift cards on your website or Facebook page, via links in newsletters, or even eReceipts. Because eGift cards reside on the recipient’s mobile device, they are always with them. Some eGift card companies, such as Yiftee, deliver eGift cards via email, text, and Twitter, and will even send regular reminders to be sure the gift is never forgotten.

By monetizing your online channels with eGift cards, you no longer simply count the number of visitors to your website, followers on social media, or comments on your blog. Instead, you count the increased dollars you received at the register in your store.

That’s ‘monetized digital marketing.’

eGift Cards Drive Sales

Per a report by CEB Tower Group, the gift card market is projected to exceed $134 billion dollars in 2015.

A research study on the value of gift cards by Shapiro & Raj found that:

  • 1 in 14 redeemers are new customers
  • 1 in 3 visits exceed the gift card value
  • 1 in 4 trips / visits were motived by a gift card
  • 2 in 3 “extremely” likely to visit again

Do you believe in the power of eGift cards?


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