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So if we didn’t age, how soon would it take for the world to be overpopulated?
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And just how does this relate to search marketing -> Well if we didn’t die there would be more of us to market too! (right.)

Back to the better stuff – it is amazing what technological advances we’ve seen in JUST the past 25 years and to think that there are now teams of scientists working on the ‘disease’ of aging, as put forth by folks like Aubrey de Grey who co-founded an organization called the Methuselah Foundation. The whole point of this is to award monetary ($$$) prizes for those that can increase the lifespan of mice, with the purpose being that to help humans defeat the ‘disease’ of aging.


Marion: You’re not the man I knew ten years ago.
Indiana: It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.
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Another phenomenon. Using this handy little website you can out of the blue get requests to be ‘friends’ with long past acquaintances that are definitely no longer the ‘sparkle in your eye’ that they may have been for say, 2-3 years at one point in your teenage life.

I have noticed recently in my travels (and from Facebook) that people who live in a nicer climate, closer to many ‘age affecting conditions’ (such as good weather, healthy lifestyles of others around them-like running along the beach on the strand BEFORE drinking at the Whaler in Venice) seem to look a lot younger then say someone from a small northern Ontario town who may be the same age as me, but has worked on an assembly line from 7am-3pm for several years and drinks in the evenings. – Hence the ‘mileage‘ factor.

I guess one of the keys to preventing aging is to either really pay attention to a healthy lifestyle, or simply wear a hat and dress and hang out with friends in their early 20s!



Man, a tough nut to crack but once you get on it, can be very addictive. Also expensive – > there’s always a catch if you need someone to train you. I guess you could train yourself for free, but man to get motivated…

So what does Aubrey de Grey recommend we do? One of the main things is to not be so concerned about prolonging the life of a decrepit and unhealthy individual, rather than to focus on doing things early in life to prolong that stage even longer. For example, I simply turn 25 each birthday and it works great! (yeah, that will do it!)

For more on this, check out http://www.mprize.org/


One thought on “It’s not the years, its the mileage – Prolonging Aging, new technologies
  1. Edwin says:

    Wow….when you asked me about this stuff I didn’t expect you to write a blog post about it haha. It is definitely a fascinating topic and I urge everyone to become a little informed about it and see what these scientists are up to. The idea that we could engineer our way out of aging can seem a little far fetched but then again so was the idea that we would one day build a rocket and travel to the moon.

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