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There are a tons of great SEO tools freely available on the web. I’m always trying new ones out myself, constantly on the hunt for the next tool that’ll simplify my job as an SEO. However, most of the SEO tools that I use regularly are either programs I’ve installed or browser extensions. The web-based SEO tools that I use are all for very specific purposes.

Wpromote set out to create a general purpose SEO tool that was fast and convenient. We were looking to create something that you could quickly turn to when you didn’t know much about a site, and wanted to get a basic idea of its strengths and weaknesses. And with that, I introduce to you our brand new web-based SEOAudit Tool!

Enter the URL of the site you'd like to analyze to view information for that site.

This bad boy is super helpful, especially if you’re in a rush. Simply enter a URL and click “audit”. Within a few seconds, you’ll have access to a wealth of useful stats, such as the number of pages indexed in Google, a backlink count, WHOIS info, SEOMoz metrics such as Domain Authority and MozRank, Alexa rank, the number of backlinks according to Yahoo, and a whole lot more.

The tool also displays social stats, such as the number of Facebook likes, Twitter shares, Diggs, etc.

Click the "add a URL to compare" link to compare 2 URLs.

Want to compare two sites? We thought you might – that’s what the “add a URL to compare” link is for. Clicking this will display a second URL field, allowing you to view all of the aforementioned metrics (and more) side-by-side.

Want to save all of that information? You can do that too. We’ve included options to export to both PDF and CSV, so you can store this information and use it later.

But wait, there’s more! If you act now, you can have unlimited access to this tool for the low monthly cost of… I’m kidding, it’s free. So you’ll probably want to go ahead and bookmark it; it’s bound to come in handy.

If you have any feedback on the tool, we’d love to hear it. Leave a comment on this post, or get in touch with us with any questions/concerns you might have.

On a somewhat related note: if you haven’t already checked it out, I’d highly recommend giving our Firefox SEO extension a shot. It’s got a lot of useful features, but I use it mainly for competitive research. It’s awesome for quickly and efficiently finding out what you’re up against. Just plug in a handful of competitor domains and quickly see important metrics such as index count, number of backlinks, domain age, and more.


One thought on “Introducing Our Web-Based SEOAudit Tool
  1. Extreme John says:

    Amazing tool. Really cool to use and they can come in handy. I’ll be trying it then. Thanks for sharing this cool tool. I think I can also use this to analyze my own site. That’s pretty interesting.

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Viral Video Friday!
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