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“Not Slytherin. Not Slytherin.” Everyone can picture Harry Potter waiting to be placed in a House by the famed Sorting Hat. The Houses help to unite the students of Hogwarts across class years and interests. They encourage teamwork and provide a framework for competition with a point system.


While we at Wpromote don’t practice actual magic (though you’d think so if you saw what we can do with some keywords), we do love teamwork and camaraderie. Company culture is truly a priority here and we’re continually working on how to better build interdepartmental relationships. Enter: Wpromote Houses.

Every Wpromoter is sorted into one of four Houses.  In our LA office, Houses are based on one of four major characters in The Princess Bride: Buttercup, Fezzik, Montoya, and Roberts. While in Texas, the Houses are superhero focused: Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and Black Widow. Each House has a color, coat of arms, characteristic traits, and sister House. Houses include Wpromoters in all departments and across levels of seniority. This gives members an opportunity to meet people in other departments and provides new Wpromoters with an extra network of new friends.


And just like the Hogwarts House Cup, members can earn points for their House, winning glory and a great prize. Any culture related participation earns members points. Planning a team event, playing soccer on the Wpro team, or participating in a company charity drive are all examples.

There are also regular events where Houses compete. For Halloween, our teams solved riddles during a murder mystery game. We also had our first ever “Houses Feud” with our very own Steve Harvey aka Michael Block hosting. These have been great ways to get different groups of Wpromoters interacting as well as a lot of fun for everyone!

As for that prize, our first quarterly House winner earned a half day and food budget for a team event. But as points reset each quarter, teams are already working on the next win. And more importantly, we’re working together and getting to know one another in the process.


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