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Most high schoolers spend the summer before their senior year working in grocery stores, hanging out with friends, applying to colleges, and going on family vacations. Some may intern with a local business, but very few get the opportunity to fly across the country just to learn from a top digital marketing agency.

Going into my first day at Wpromote, I was terrified. I thought I was too young, I was convinced I didn’t have enough experience, and I was pretty sure it would be hard for me to fit in and socialize as a 17 year old in a professional setting. I was expecting the office to be quiet. I was wrong. Wpromote is bubbling with personality.

Other interns have taken classes focusing on marketing in college, but I haven’t had that opportunity yet. I was definitely lacking experience, but eventually I realized that that was okay. It was difficult for me admit that I didn’t understand at first, especially in the meetings I got to participate in, but I soon grasped that the people I was working with knew I was here to learn and weren’t going to think less of me for not understanding something.

Although I was the youngest in my department by half a decade, I was still able to present myself appropriately in the office. Socializing with people actually came pretty easy. Everyone at Wpromote was so welcoming.  People were excited that I was here. It was easy to meet new people from different departments just by saying hello to the dogs roaming around the office or going to get food from the kitchen.

Looking back on the short 4 weeks I spent as an intern at Wpromote, I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to learn and gain experience. Wpromote is a one of a kind company with incredible employees who I know I will keep in contact with for the years to come. My internship has prepared me to take on the many new things to come as I graduate high school and begin my college experience, and I can’t wait to come back to learn more and grow more.


One thought on “Interning & Loving Life At Wpromote!
  1. Maris Williams says:

    What a wonderful experience, Mhari! Keep us posted with your future plans.

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