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Hello and welcome to the inaugural blog entry from Wpromote’s Account Development Team! Each and every Tuesday from now on, you can expect nuggets of wisdom and comedic gold from Josh, Holly, Christian, Jared, Marissa, or myself.

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(Above L to R: Jeff, Holly, AJ, Christian, and Josh)

When Josh, the Director of Account Development, told us we were supposed to write a weekly blog during one of our morning meetings last week, the announcement was met with confusion: what could we post that you, our dear readers, would want to read? Obviously, keyword lists and ad text (our specialties) would not hold the interest of any audience, and we couldn’t start posting “How To” guides without revealing the trade secrets our business is built upon. So then, what?

We decided to table the topic and return to it at the end of the meeting. As we went around the room, each giving an update of the accounts we were working on and the questions and comments we had, it became clear there was no shortage of possible blog topics. One team member mentioned a hilarious Google ad they stumbled upon, which reminded another of an ad they saw that made absolutely no sense, while yet another recalled once seeing an active ad with the description line “will change this later.” Another team member raised a concern that when they did some test searches on a campaign they recently built, mismatched ads were triggered by broad matched keywords in a different ad group.

All of a sudden, blog topic ideas were flowing and the prospect of writing a weekly entry seemed an exciting, rather than daunting, task. In the future, our posts may range greatly in length and subject matter, but will always be an interesting read. Ideally, they will provide a forum for discussion with people in the industry, but always be enjoyable to any casual reader. You can expect posts about funny and/or poorly written text ads, discussion about the pros and cons of different keyword match types, Google vs. Yahoo comparisons, industry news, and plenty more. While we won’t be showing you how to make campaigns as Perfect* as ours, we can certainly provide plenty of entertaining examples of what NOT to do!

So once again, welcome to the exciting world of Wpromote’s Account Development Team! If you have any questions, comments, or topics you would like to see discussed in this blog, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. See you next Tuesday!


Jeff + Account Development

* That’s right, I said Perfect! With a capital P.


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