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If I had my way… people would use acronyms more often. Not only do they increase efficiency, but they brighten my day. I don’t know why, but they do. In just a few simple letters, acronyms can capture a lifetime’s worth of nuanced innuendoes, subtle intricacies and jaded cynicism that I would only otherwise be able to express through an exaggerated eye roll or a blank stare.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of my five favorite acronyms and how I prefer to employ them because you’re dying to know.

5. gtk – ‘good to know’

My general response when someone incorrectly assumes I am interested and tells me something about which I could not care less. It’s meant to be dismissive, but again, that fact often escapes the party who is guilty of wasting my time.

Example: “Oh, Brad and Angelina adopted another orphan? GTK.”

4. g2g – ‘good to go’

I have to admit that I stole this from Taco Bell and its Crunchwrap Supreme advertising campaign. However, I heart Taco Bell, and the Crunchwrap Supreme in particular, so I actually get an added happy thought every time I use it. I also prefer to take liberty and slot in a ‘2’ where there should be a ‘t,’ just FYI BTW.

Example: “Like the Crunchwrap Supreme, I am g2g.”

3. gfy – ‘good for you’ and/or ‘go f*** yourself’

I apologize for the implication of an expletive, but the beauty of ‘gfy’ is in its dual meaning. Are you being congratulatory or just mean? There’s no way to tell. Hint: I’m never congratulatory.

Example: “Oh, you got into HBS? GFY”

2. nbd – ‘no big deal’

For someone who often catches himself bragging uncontrollably about his many accomplishments, this is a handy phrase to show that you are at least self-aware enough to know that you are bragging excessively.

Example: “At dinner last night, I was sitting next to Dennis Quaid. NBD”

1. OMG SMF – ‘Oh, my god. So much fun.’

If only I had more occasions to use this. It is by far my favorite thing to say. In fact, I would argue that saying OMG SMF is OMG SMF in itself. Also, I take sole credit for the creation of this acronym (nbd) and am not ashamed to admit that the whole purpose of this post was for the propagation of OMG SMF. OMG SMF.

Example: “OMG SMF”

Honorable mentions include:

stby – ‘sucks to be you’
wwbd – ‘what would Burr do’
tcby – “The Country’s Best Yogurt’

What’s your favorite acronym? OMG SMF.

Also, comments written entirely in acronyms are strongly encouraged.


4 thoughts on “If I had my way… Part 4
  1. Jesse says:

    OMG. At first I wanted you to STFU but as I kept reading, I LOLed a few times until I read your honorable mention of WWBD which made me LMFAO so hard that I ROFL. You pwned this post for sure. G2G

  2. christian says:

    gbp (good blog post)

  3. Adria says:

    I read the first two sentences and stopped. I completely disagree. While I can see that acronyms might help to increase efficiency, if you need to use acronyms in audible conversation for efficiency, you could probably afford to slow down a little more in all aspects of your life. Maybe take some deep breaths.

    On that note, BRB, I’m gonna go breathe.

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