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Greetings, and happy Monday! Some of you may recall my post from November 2008 entitled “Why I Started Paying Attention to Internet Ads (or How Facebook Changed My Life),” and if you don’t, check it out. It’s a good time.The deluge of spam

In the post, I discuss my errant love of online marketing, my bizarre stint in the implausible world of reality TV, and the truth about writing email copy, aka “spam” – a term today that can pretty much refer to almost any form of unfiltered, mass communication designed to reach as many people as possible in the hopes that at least some of them will click.

The downside of casting such a wide net is two-fold: you end up sending Rogaine and Viagra offers to teenage girls with little use for either, and your messaging is invariably diluted by that of competitors casting nets equally as wide.

PPC = $$$

On the other side of the spectrum, at least in theory, is PPC or pay-per-click advertising, wherein users are targeted based on relevant demographic data, or quite simply, the keyword they search. The upside to PPC as compared to email marketing is a more promising ROI thanks to ad dollars better spent on people looking for the thing being advertised; the downside is so many users have become accustomed to being bombarded with irrelevant ads that many savvy Internet users have begun to ignore search engine ads altogether…until now.

PPC gets personal – and it really works (especially on people with very good credit)

Are you invited?

While the long-term success of any PPC campaign relies heavily on ads being relevant, am I the only one who has felt for years that the ads popping up in the search engines were frequently anything but? At first, misleading ad text and deceptive headline copy seemed par for the course; eventually, however, search engines started enforcing stricter guidelines and advertisers began to understand there better be something under the hood if they want to convert a surfer into a sale.

As PPC advertising grows more relevant, more often, innovations in social media have opened new doors for advertisers, and the quest to monetize social networks rages on. While Facebook impressed me last year with its clever ad presentation and uncanny ability to present me with content I actually like, the usefulness of such a highly personal ad model remained to be seen.

That was last year.  Today, new data suggests that not only do personalized ads work (not exactly ground-breaking but a discovery nonetheless) but they work best when served to people who live to shop and love to spend. In other words, the ladies who lunch for a living and spend their days charging large at Barney’s and Saks are precisely the demographic that responds to highly targeted marketing.

Do you hear that, marketers?

Bottega Veneta bagChristian Louboutin heels

Your well-heeled customers are more than happy  to drop a couple grand on a Bottega Veneta handbag and Christian Louboutin shoes, spurred on by nothing more than a text ad served up in the right place, at the right time.

They will spend the mounds of cash from the comfort of their home as they drink their morning coffee and they’ll come back to your site tomorrow to buy more of your wares. All they really want is someone to make them feel special. Noticed. Paid attention to…and if you capitalize on that basic human desire, your customers will continue coming back for more.

See? I told you personalized ads were cool.


2 thoughts on “I Told You Personalized Ads Were Cool
  1. ade says:

    In today’s loveless world where most people only care about themselves it’s nice if someone actually takes the time to personalize an ad for you to make you feel special. That in my own opinion, is why personalized ads work.

  2. ppc says:

    Nice post! Very complete and detailed information.

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