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It’s like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Those “deficiency needs” are not to be taken for granted, but everyone is thankful for friends, family, food, and shelter. So i’m gonna dive right into the deep end and talk about what I’m really thankful for. I mean, if you won an Oscar, would you “Thank The Academy” or make a real statement with some one-armed pushups? With the holidays at heart and Maslow in mind, here’s a smattering of random people, places, and things I’m thankful for:

Judd Apatow. I’d say that this gentleman is responsible for roughly 73% of my laughter over the last year and a half. Freaks and Geeks was the victim of network hi-jinx; perhaps the same can be said of Undeclared. The success of 2005’s The 40 Year Old Virgin finally earned him some studio support, and he’s been turning out riotous comedies ever since. Since June 2007, Apatow has been involved in: Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Step Brothers (underrated), and Pineapple Express, amongst others! He also already has 4 movies lined up for 2009/2010: The Year One, Funny People, Get Him to the Greek, and, wait for it… GHOSTBUSTERS 3. The secret to Apatow’s success is hidden in plain view in the Freaks and Geeks series, where fans of the aforementioned films will recognize nearly every cast member; but you might have to look twice, they were so young!

Coffee. What a Devilish delight those dark little beans brew up! I can hardly function without my morning cup. All good things come at a price, and coffee is no exception; but when you are able to enjoy that perfect brew, there’s nothing better. Coffee lovers in Los Angeles would do well to visit Kings Road on Beverly Blvd and Intelligentsia on Sunset in Silverlake. You’d be hard pressed (pun intended) to find a better cup in this city!

iPhone 3G. My Razr lasted 3 long years, and weathered some abuse, but I was still ready to swear off cell phones all together this past summer. Somehow I ended up going the complete opposite direction and upgrading to the iPhone. I’m glad I did. These things are spectacular, and $199 is a bargain whether you think so or not!

Gossip Girl. The haters will hate and the rest of us will love. As far as I’m concerned, Josh Schwartz earned “bona fide genius” status with The OC, but for the non-believers, he’s still making his case every Monday night on the CW. Blaire Waldorf and Chuck Bass are the most compelling fictional characters in my memory. Speaking of Chuck, the show of the same name is another Schwartz production, and quite enteraining in its own right. OC fans will realize that it sort of reads like a Seth Cohen fantasy. Frankly, Schwartz might as well have cast Adam Brody for the lead instead of his doppelganger, Zachary Levi. Remember THIS?

The Santa Ana Winds. They bring dry, dusty, desert air to the coast and spread fires across the state, which is a bummer. But they also bring sunny 85 degree summer days in November! Plus, those offshore winds combine with seasonal swells for epic surf around here. It’s a bittersweet sentiment, but life is good when California’s burning.

Pumpkin products. My four autumns in Boston spoiled me with an astounding array of pumpkin treats. I still miss some of the more eccentric consumables, but even out here in the seasonless wasteland/paradise known as Los Angeles I can still find plenty of the orangey goodness. Pumpkin lattes, bagels, breads, muffins, scones, pancakes, ravioli, and the perennial favorite–pies–are all on the menu. You better believe I’m ordering them!

Deerhunter “Microcastle”. The best album of the season. I’m also thankful that I’ll be seeing them Tuesday night at the El Rey.

The New Beverly Cinema. The programming doesn’t seem to be as strong since Sherman passed in July 2007, but it’s still one of the best establishments in LA. I’m thankful that Sherman’s son stepped up to take over the business after his father passed, rather than letting another LA landmark close down. Unlike some of the fancier revival houses in LA, like the Egyptian and the Aero, the New Beverly is happy to show cult classics and all sorts of marginalized film favorites! For only $7, you can enjoy 2 classic films on the big screen! That’s probably the best value in LA.

…but enough about me, I wanna hear what YOU are thankful for!


4 thoughts on “I Have Opinions Volume 2: How To Give Thanks
  1. ry says:

    Every time I think of Freaks and Geeks I’m instantly happy. I’m thankful for this post.

  2. Amanda says:

    Nice post!

    I too am thankful for Deerhunter, the New Beverly Cinema, and the Santa Ana Winds (tank-tops in the winter and more hot surfers everywhere). What I disagree with is the iPhone shout out – has anyone seen the Samsung Instinct? It’s like an iPhone for adults. Yay.

  3. Jeff Pickett says:

    iPhone for adults? Who wants to be an adult? They’re gross! ewwwwww

  4. That’s a really good point…maybe your next post could be “The merits of adulthood vs. adolescence” or something.

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