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While wading through the blogosphere, I’ve found there aren’t many interesting people writing on the internet. A few interesting people post pictures and fewer still post interesting music, but very few who post worthwhile writing. I think the failure stems from a lack of inspiration. No one wants to read a diary, and you won’t have an interesting topic every day for eternity.

So I say why read a bunch of boring articles by one writer when you can read countless rants and raves each by a nation of lunatics? I’m talking Craigslist, of course! You can go city by city, or go straight for the “Best Of” section, where the entertainment never stops. The best part – there is no lack of inspiration here!

Does it matter that these posts generally revolve around the same dozen or so topics? I think not. These are not professional content writers trying to fill blogspace with nonsense. These are not self-absorbed former-livejournal subscribers who want the internet to follow their every whim. These are everyday people, the salt of the earth. They repress their anger and resentment so much that they eventually snap and write 1000 word diatribes about their spouse, child, coworker, crush, mailman, mechanic, neighbor, librarian, politician, barista, automobile, pet, or even inanimate object. Hilarity ensues.

We all need to vent sometimes.

I submit that the Best-Of-Craigslist page is the best blog on the internet. Its archives are endless and it is frequently updated with top notch comedy. I find it horribly annoying listening to someone rant and rave IRL, but knowing I always have that trusty Back Button makes it a joy in cyberspace. Other people’s anger is always entertaining one way or another. When you bottle it up til it bursts, what sprays against the wall will usually be more interesting than the random thought you had while driving to work this morning.

I just wonder if I’ll last the weekend withouth posting a rant on Robert Downey Jr’s Oscar Nomination…


5 thoughts on “I Have Interests Volume 3: Rants and Raves
  1. Gabriel says:

    I have found that Craiglist is the answer to most of my needs, even humor!

  2. Alison Quinn says:

    I just checked out the Rants and Raves section for my very first time and I have to admit, I was extremely entertained…and also a little shocked by how long I spent reading other people’s rants. I especially enjoyed the rants that people made regarding other people’s previously posted rants. Just a bunch of angry people making each other angrier. Good times. 🙂

  3. Adria says:

    I actually decided to peruse the CL best ofs after reading this. What a laugh riot!!
    I just offer up a warning that reading too many may smooth our the wrinkles in your brains. Readers, Beware!!

  4. Kevin says:

    haha some guy got dumped over the phone at 1:30 am but it wasn’t his girlfriend it was just someone with the wrong number trying to break up with her boyfriend. nub

  5. Lauren says:

    This is hilarious, I can’t stop reading!

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