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The History Of HTTPS

When Google announced in 2014 that the HTTPS secure connection would be an official ranking factor in its algorithm, some companies scrambled to comply so their websites could gain as many percentage points as possible for SEO visibility. Who knew that some 3 years later, HTTPS, which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, would be in the news again — for an entirely different reason.

Back in the day, HTTPS was primarily used during checkout stages on Ecommerce websites and for sensitive transactions within corporate information systems. In early 2010, HTTPS began to spread out among the internet, protecting customers’ information, validating the authenticity of websites, and keeping web browsing private.

HTTPS has even more significance since President Donald J. Trump recently signed into law S. J. Res. 34, nullifying the Federal Communications Commission’s final rule title “Protecting the Privacy of Customers of Broadband and Other Telecommunications Services.” The bill basically gives internet service providers access – without your permission – to data on your web browsing history, app usage, and geo-location.


Consumers are now seeking a more private, secure, and efficient way of using the internet, and that certainly represents an opportunity for digital marketers like Wpromote. Although we know proper keyword optimizations, great content, and internal linking are crucial factors for obtaining a higher SERP ranking, having HTTPS is the next step toward building trust among your consumers and the search engines. HTTPS sites encrypt exchanged data to keep it secure and ensure information is not being modified or corrupted during a transfer.

Another benefit of HTTPS is the availability to see where your customers are coming from because your referral traffic data is saved. Check out how to migrate your site from HTTP to HTTPS here!

“From an SEO perspective, migrating into an HTTPS platform and taking care of your basics provides a clean user experience and helps search engines to adequately crawl your site,” said Tyler Rooney, one of Wpromote’s experienced SEO Managers in Chicago. “This is something you should look for since Google plans to flag websites that don’t use HTTPS as unsafe in Chrome, which could potentially lead to fewer clicks on your website.”

Why HTTPS Is Right For Your Site

While there are SEO benefits to moving your website to HTTPS, there also are perks for the user experience:

  • Customers are quickly learning the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. They know that HTTPS is a secure form of buying and browsing. Therefore, you are offering your customers peace of mind with an encrypted site where much of what they purchase or do is shielded from third parties.
  • Visitors can verify that they are connecting to the right site and not a fraudulent one. Hackers won’t like this!
  • You’ll gain the trust of your audience. Customers are more likely to complete a purchase from sites that use HTTPS.

At Wpromote, we have seen our clients receive ranking benefits with HTTPS configurations, and we see this trend expanding throughout the web. According to Search Engine Journal, HTTPS pages on the front page of a Google search could reach 50 percent by June 2017. That’s quite a statement, and puts a spotlight on the true value of transitioning to an HTTPS site structure.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or need assistance with converting your site from HTTP to HTTPS, contact Wpromote and check out our SEO Guides here. We specialize in helping small, medium, and large businesses navigate through this ever-changing industry. We’d love to help you succeed in taking on this next challenge Google has presented.


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