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Crafting complex and rewarding marketing campaigns that take into account each of our individual clients’ nuances and challenges is just what we do here at Wpromote. In the case of Z Gallerie, a nationally successful home décor and furnishings boutique based out of Southern California, that meant developing and launching the kind of mobile search strategy that would make any seasoned marketer’s mouth water. In fact, the campaign was such a smash hit that Forrester Research, one of the foremost marketing research and advisory firms in the world, produced a case study about what Wpromote managed to do for Z Gallerie. Here are a few of the most important things we did to ensure this search marketing victory.


1) Building A Robust And Responsive Mobile Search Strategy

In tackling this challenge for Z Gallerie, we knew that the most important and in fact central task was to build, from the ground up, a comprehensive mobile search strategy to capitalize on the brand’s mobile web traffic. That traffic was up 40% year-over-year in 2014, and Wpromote set about finding ways to translate that increased number of visitors into real revenue. This required a three-step process on our part: determining the likeliest paths to conversion and whether those paths were coming from mobile, adjusting Z Gallerie’s product offerings to best suit mobile shoppers, and tailoring Z Gallerie mobile ads to encourage shoppers to find their way to the store.

mobile z gallerie ad

We made all these adjustments with one thought in mind: driving more revenue not just through their Ecommerce store, but through increased foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar locations. This required an integrated, cross-channel approach that we developed exclusively for Z Gallerie.


2) Being A Member Of Exclusive Google Betas

To make our plan for Z Gallerie work, we needed a way to tie mobile conversions to in-store purchases. Wpromote has long enjoyed a close relationship with Google, being the only firm in the country to be an invited member of the Google Client Forum, Google SEM Council, and Google Social Council, as well as a certified Google Partner. This relationship is what allows us to experiment with and employ Google Betas – all the new services, products, and features that Google is offering to its closest partners for beta testing. Few marketing firms have as much access to Google Betas as Wpromote does, and our clout gained Z Gallerie admittance to one of Google’s most exciting new betas: in-store analytics, which could be used to connect a mobile searcher to a brick-and-mortar shopper.

google store visits metric

For the first time, Z Gallerie was able to quantify the revenue that came from mobile searchers shopping in-store. This brand new online to in-store retail solution allowed Z Gallerie to much more accurately determine their sources of income and adjust their plans accordingly, making their mobile strategy more successful overall.

Few companies merit this level of recognition by Forrester, underscoring our achievements with helping Z Gallerie thrive on mobile. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to help one of our clients succeed so spectacularly, and to be acclaimed by Forrester for the effort.

Download the full Forrester case study here and learn all the details of what Z Gallerie and Wpromote have accomplished together!


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