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There are millions of blogs in existence, with thousands being created every day. Most languish in obscurity and anonymity for a few months at best, only to be abandoned and relegated to the Internet ether. You can still find these relics of a bygone age and track the falling enthusiasm like clockwork: the first few entries are full of wonder, hope, and exuberance, posted on successive days. Then, when they realize no one’s probably reading except their close friends and maybe family, the posts begin to dwindle. Then there’s the inevitable “make-up” post where the blogger apologizes for “waiting so long to update” and promises he’ll “get back on schedule,” which never pans out. You shudder, realizing the last post was over a year ago.

Does he ever think about the failed blog? Has he attempted another? You ponder these things and hope the same fate never befalls you and your blog. Observing failed blogs can teach you a lot about what not to do, but so many different blogs on different subjects with wildly different styles and designs all fail, making it difficult to discern truly what went wrong.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to get your blog noticed. These aren’t foolproof, guaranteed tricks, but they will improve your chance at success.

Write Good Content

Write something good, ok?

This should be obvious. It’s fairly common that a blogger will have all the bells and whistles on their blog – a Digg button, RSS feed capability, and links galore – without having any compelling content. I harp on this a lot when I give writing advice, but I do it for a reason. We write in the public sphere for readers. Without good writing, there are no readers.

Use Pictures

Pictures matter

The Internet is a multimedia medium, with video, image, and audio capability. Take advantage of it. Some people are audio-visual learners; some are turned off by a wall of text. Good writing alone won’t do the trick. The best, most successful blogs combine excellent writing with interesting pics and videos.

The Title Counts

Choose the words in your title wisely

When writing your title, think about both human readers and search engine crawlers. Be catchy, succinct, and clever for your humans; pay attention to commonly used search terms and keyword phrases to please the search engines. The skilled blogger will be able to satisfy both audiences with a title.

Leave Comments on Other Blogs

Comment with care

Seek out the big blogs in your field. Participate in their comment section discussions. Usually, leaving a comment gives you the opportunity to link to your blog, too. Just don’t be a spammer. No one likes a spammer. Leave a meaningful, well-written comment, and people will be interested in reading more of what you have to say.

Make Friends

Other bloggers have similar aspirations as you. Seek them out and foster a mutually beneficial relationship. Include them in your blog roll and they’ll likely do the same for you. Leave comments on their blogs and ask them to comment on yours and trade guest posts to draw in new readers from other blogs.

I hope these tips help you in your quest to be a top-notch blogger. See you next time!


9 thoughts on “5 Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed
  1. ade says:

    Nice and timely post Erik. Your first point about writing good content, is one of the hardest things to do. That’s why I really appreciate reading nice posts like this.

  2. Jesse says:

    I think your last two points are really important if you truly want to be involved in the blogosphere.

  3. Dom says:

    You forgot a 6th thing…make your employees comment on your own blog. Speaking of which…Jesse, I want that Johnston report on my desk right away! You gave me the Johnson file. I need the Johnston file!

  4. Gina says:

    How’s that for linking to your blog…I paid attention!

  5. kmoth says:

    I realize by commenting on this blog I am doing exactly what you want me to do to get YOUR blog noticed, so when I get my own blog going hopefully you’ll comment on mine in return!

  6. All great points. But I see some of the comments here aren’t linking back to users’ sites! I love the comment idea, because the idea really is about connecting. Yet I think the first idea is sometimes overlooked in web marketing — we talk about how to drive traffic to a site or blog, but sometimes we overlook the idea of good content, and why someone would want to be there. Thanks!

    1. KRONiS says:

      If it doesn’t link to their site in a comment (not talking about dofollow or nofollow, just whether or not it links or not) that would be due the the person who commented not entering a URL in next to their comment data.

      Also note that blog commenting as a means of obtaining links is very 2007. It’s 2009 now. Although it still generates inbound links, this is no longer the type in inbound linking methods widely accepted to be ‘amazing SEO’. It can’t hurt to comment on a dofollow PR7 blog in your niche, but good luck finding one. The best links come from ‘contextual links’ in articles about your niche linking back to you with the anchor text being your top keyword. 🙂 check out my next SEO Webinar where I’ll talk more about SEO Basics, then an Advance one where we’ll do more FREE site reviews… it will be on our webinars page at http://www.wpromote.com/learning/webinars/

      -KRONiS (SEO dir @ wpromote – @KRONiS on twitter)

  7. Walk in Bath says:

    All great points, especially the first (and hardest) one: write great content.

    This comment does use a keyword but the context is not the topic of the site .

    Now to hunt for the right blogs to write the right words in the right context…

  8. Lynda says:

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