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Ever wonder how your website looks on a mobile phone? Well Google was asked this question many times and created a website – HowToGoMo.com – dedicated to showing users how their websites look and perform on mobile phones. On this site Google promotes it’s new initiative “GoMo” or “GoingMobile”, providing viewers a one-stop resource to learn about the importance of going mobile, information on mobile trends and best practices, case studies on optimizing sites for mobile, and tools to help make your site mobile friendly.

The coolest feature of the site by far is the GoMoMeter, a tool that allows you to type in your website address and view what your site looks like on a smartphone.  We did a sample test on our site, and here is how we faired:

After submitting your site, the GoMoMeter provides a quick snapshot of how your site looks and performs on a smartphone.  A comprehensive report is also available to download, giving you more in-depth information on what is working on your site and what areas need improvement in order to make it more mobile compatible.  The report covers mobile issues such as page loading time, navigating without scrolling, thumb-friendly links, and more.  It also provides actionable tips to help you with the areas that your site is lacking in, and lists vendors that can help you with building a mobile friendly site.

Mobile has become the fastest growing field online and users are expecting to have their mobile experience as good as their desktops. Making sites as easy to use as possible is necessary in order to  engage and convert potential customers.  How does your site fair on the GoMoMeter? Be sure to check it out!



2 thoughts on “How To Make A Mobile Friendly Website
  1. Ryan Neldner says:

    Looks like we should start doing some page speed optimization. Need that 4/4!

  2. Jamie Lane says:

    Seriously best blog ever!!!

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