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You’ve created a Facebook fan page for your business and now you can just sit back, put your feet up and watch the numbers of fans grow, right? Not quite. With millions of Facebook business pages out there, getting a high number of faithful followers will take some time and creative thinking. But the benefits are worth it.

Getting a large fan following on Facebook doesn’t just get your company’s name and brand out to the masses; it gives your business priceless creditability.  When you go to a Facebook fan page for a business you’ve never heard of before and see that it has 40,000 fans, don’t you take it more seriously than a business with 82 fans?

Here are five tips to help you boost page viewers into a legion of adoring fans.

Once you set up your Facebook fan page, it’s easy to send out invites to all of your friends and family members asking them to like your page, and if you’ve linked your business page to your personal page, it’s even easier. Use the Invite Friends link to accomplish this. If they don’t sign up after a few weeks, send a reminder. Also send out an email to your current database of clients and contacts and ask them to like you on Facebook. Be sure to include the link so they can do it in one click. Another way to indirectly ask people to become your fan is by including a link below the signature block of your business emails. You can even set up the link to go to a specially created Facebook Welcome tab that visitors can like.

Offer Incentives
If someone isn’t necessarily familiar with you or your business, there isn’t a lot of incentive for them to become a fan. However, if you offer them something, it’s much more likely that they will click that thumbs up button. Set up a giveaway or contest on your Facebook fan page. Offer to giveaway something as simple as one of your products or as extravagant as an iPad to one lucky fan who likes your page during a set time period.

Utilize Your Storefront
If you have a storefront or retail establishment, put a sign up at your cash register and ask people to become a fan of your business on Facebook. You can even offer an incentive such as a discount on their purchase if they do a fan right then on their smartphone.

Facebook Advertising allows you to purchase highly targeted ads to the demographic of people you would like to market your business to. You can start out by just spending a couple of dollars a day and see which ads work best for you. As more users see your ad, your fan numbers will increase.

Make it Easy
Add a like button directly onto your website so people can become a fan without having to find your business on Facebook. You can also include the link to your Facebook fan page on your Twitter, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn profile, and visa versa.

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