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Infographics are an excellent tool for SEO, they are used to organize informative, entertaining, viral, sharable content and ultimately drive inbound links and traffic from other websites to yours. Here at Wpromote, we have been creating these for our clients’ sites and for our own internal efforts. Continue reading to learn more about Infographics, including their benefits, how we build them, why they have been successful for our clients and why they will be successful for you.

What is an Infographic? Simply put, it is a visual representation of information and data.  If done correctly, Infographics can be very beneficial to your website and its organic rankings in the search engines. Infographics are used in link building efforts to get links back to the Infographic, and essentially drive traffic to the website that created it.

Infographics can be divided in these four categories: educational, humorous, controversial, and newsworthy. To create an Infographic, you need a concept. Once you have decided on the information that you would like to include, have a designer take the information and put it in to a thematic, fun, and entertaining visual presentation. When it’s done, the most important part of creating a successful Infographic begins, PR.

Just because you built it, does not mean that they will come. This is true for any website or Infographic. First, you need a platform in which to easily share your Infographic. At Wpromote, we create an Infographic distribution page for our clients. This is usually set up as follows: the title of the Infographic at the top, a smaller version of the Infographic on the left, a description on the top or right, and code that can be copied and pasted on to another website or blog. This code links not only to the Infographic image, but also has a link back to your website. These links are what make an Infographic so valuable in the SEO world, as they are driving traffic from the Infographic to your site.

Now you are ready to begin seeding and distribution. A cheap and easy way to do this is to make a Press Release, which is always beneficial. However, reaching out in a personal manner is much more effective. You can do this by identifying a list of bloggers, writers, and news outlets that might benefit from the interesting and useful content that you have created. Other ways of sharing your Infographic include blogging about it, “tweeting” about it, sharing it on Facebook, and emailing it to clients and friends. Get it out in any way you can. Hopefully other blogs and sites, such as TechCrunch and Mashable, pick up your Infographic and link back to your site, sending you traffic.

Case Study:
In January 2011, Wpromote’s Infographic titled “Which Female Tech Influencer Are You?” went viral.  It was a parody of the quizzes often found in women’s magazines such as Cosmopolitan. The goal of the Infographic was to highlight a few incredibly successful women in the field of technology, such as Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg, and Caroline McCarthy. It ended up becoming controversial when some people thought it set back the women’s rights movements. The Infographic was being shared on fashion blogs, tech blogs such as TechCrunch, and news sites like CNN’s technology homepage. Whether people hated it or loved it, they were talking about it and sharing it, which led to more links and in turn, more traffic. In the end, Wpromote’s Infographic had generated a considerable amount of traffic: 17,000 page views with an average of 9 minutes spent on their site.

That just goes to show you the real power of creating valuable content and the importance of sharing it with the right people.

More of a visual learner? Check out the video presentation on how to create an Infographic below!


2 thoughts on “How To Create An Infographic
  1. Casey says:

    Wow, good read. I always tend to think of infographics as just another way to get links, but it looks like there’s more of an inbound marketing strategy to them that I have yet to fully utilize.

  2. Love it. Honestly been sat here scratching my head about what to make an infographic about. I should have just made an infographic about making an infographic!!

    Great idea at the end, the parody infographic. Something not too taxing on your brain, fun (but with a purpose) such as that is perfect!

    Good article Rebecca.

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