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Some say it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

I don’t eat much bread. But iGoogle rocks. I began using iGoogle as my homepage about two weeks ago and my life has been utterly transformed. Allow me to explain.

Everything In Its Right Place (with iGoogle)

I love that Radiohead song, too, but that’s not what I’m referring to here. I’m talking about how easy it is to check email, note to-do items, update my calendar, and read the news from my iGoogle home page.

I’ve put my go-to apps like G-mail, Google calendar, Google Bookmarks, and Google reader on my homepage, and added to that a few key news feeds I want to see right away (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Digg, for blogging); a YouTube, Wikipedia, and Craigslist search bar (gotta have those); a time/date and a weather app (not that the weather changes much here in SoCal but I like the little blue and yellow icons that show the sun and the sky, they’re nice) and two inspirational quotes, one by Einstein (he seems pretty smart) and one by a ‘famous’ author that rotates daily.

Yesterday’s literary quote?

There is nothing like being left alone again, to walk peacefully with oneself in the woods. To boil one’s coffee and fill one’s pipe, and to think idly and slowly as one does it.”

– Knut Hamsun, Norwegian novelist

Hmm. Never heard of Mr. Hamsun (a Nobel Prize winner), but seems like he might be antisocial. That or he’s a writer who gets all contemplative and needs to be left alone from time to time, to think and write and stuff. Wait.

What Else iGoogle Does for Me

In addition to soaring functionality and time-saving widgets, iGoogle offers me the chance to appreciate good art daily. I could have sprung for the “Picasso of the Day,” or even the “Dali of the Day” (I’m actually a huge fan) widget, but I chose a word art theme: “NOUS” by famed designer Philippe Starck.

It’s bright, it’s inspirational, it’s graphic. It makes me feel good when I turn on the PC and launch Firefox. It’s like my homepage is smiling at me or something. That could be weird but you get it.

It’s a nice theme.

“Dream a Little Dream”

Yup, that was a good movie, and you 80’s babies know what I’m talkin’ bout! Corey Haim AND Corey Feldman, in one flick? Genius. But if you really want to get me started on the 80’s (no worries), why don’t we take a look at “The Top 5 80’s Movies According to Wpromote,” based on the results of an office-wide poll:

1) Top Gun

2) Back to the Future

3) Goonies

4) Dirty Dancing

5) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Nice.  Looks like we’ve got some real movie buffs at good ‘ol Wpro.

Anyhow, the point of my “Dream a Little Dream” intro was actually to note that iGoogle is like a DREAM come true. How I wish all of life could be mapped out on my homepage in the form of colorful, easily customizable widgets. It’s almost like living in my own little virtual world where I control EVERYTHING (scary, no?).

Thanks, Google!


17 thoughts on “How iGoogle Changed My Life (and the Top 5 80’s Movies According to Wpromote)
  1. BTTF4LIFE says:

    Great post… Minus the fact you used a picture from Michal J. Fox’s show “Spin City” (1996-2001) and not from “Back to the Future”. Although Christopher Lloyd “Dr. Emmett Brown” did have a cameo on the show (Owen Kingston 1 episode, 1999 – hence this staged promo shot) this is a disgrace to any top 5 list let alone the amazing iconic imagery of “Back to the Future”. I counted 12 images that would have been much more appropriate for this post on Google images before your sore choice. I am confident such a mistake will not happen in future posts!


  2. Mike Stone says:

    I think that 5 movies is unfair and cant believe that we couldnt find a BTTF pic of MJF. What is this blog coming to!?!

    How can you wrap up the best decade of movies with a list of 5!!!?? I think a list of top 80 movies of the 80s might be more appropriate. Here is where I got so far:

    Short Circuit
    Back to the Future
    Rambo First Blood
    Coming To America
    Teen Wolf
    Revenge of the Nerds
    American Flyers
    The Terminator
    The Karate Kid
    Trading Places
    Crocodile Dundee
    The Best of Times
    Big Trouble in Little China
    Over the Top
    Gleaming the cube
    Risky Business
    Rocky IV
    Top Secret
    Three amigos
    Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
    The Princess Bride
    Above the Law
    better off dead
    one crazy summer

  3. Amanda says:

    Nice list! Let us not forget:

    Say Anything
    Less Than Zero
    Weird Science
    Blue Velvet
    Neverending Story
    Blade Runner
    The Breakfast Club
    Do the Right Thing
    Raging Bull
    Taxi Driver
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
    When Harry Met Sally
    Dead Poets Society
    Beverly Hills Cop
    The Burbs
    Full Metal Jacket
    The Shining

    That’s 58 movies! We need 22 more.

    PS: If 3 more people say they want a “real” BTF pic, I’ll change it.

    Personally, I liked the staged press photo. After all, this is the 80’s.

  4. Mike Stone says:

    I have to strongly disagree with you. How the H@#L can you list back to the future and show a spin city photo?

    My Science Project
    Once Bitten
    Soul Man
    Bachelor Party
    Beverly Hills Cop
    Blues Brothers
    Bull Durham
    Flight of the Navigator – Sara Jessica Parker at her best.
    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    Less Than Zero
    The Naked Gun…

    I can keep going cause I have seen every single movie made in the 80s.

  5. Jared says:

    I definitely think a back to the future photo is necesary. so…..that’s 1? Also thank goodness someone finally mentioned Willow. Madmartigan was possibly Val Kilmers second best role ever. His best work was done five years later of course. Good ol doc holliday.

  6. Marty McFly says:

    CHANGE THE PHOTO. this is crap! I probably will stop reading this blog if it doesnt change.

  7. Biff says:

    So, I was totally intrigued by this post and was really excited to see where Back to the Future was on your list. I was excited to see it made it, but then immediately furious that you didnt have a picture of Biff, let alone a picture from the movie. Are you kidding me!?!!?

  8. BTTF4LIFE says:

    There is no controversy here. You are just wrong. Spin City was from the 90’s how is that the 80’s?

    “Personally, I liked the staged press photo. After all, this is the 80’s.”

    I might just have to get hop in my Delorean – warm up my flux capacitor – blast off to November 12th, 2008 just before this was posted and take BTTF off this post. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale don’t deserve this. Let alone poor Michael J. Fox.

    In the words of Biff Tannen ” Make like a tree… and change that damn photo!”

  9. Jesse says:

    Where art thou Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)?

  10. BTTF4LIFE says:

    Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

  11. Doc Brown says:

    If there’s a lesson to be learned from all this, it’s that we can, with a little effort, go back into the future and rectify the mistakes of the alternate past. Let’s go back to Nov. 12th, 2008 and change that photo before it’s too late.

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