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There are plenty of tools floating around out there that help SEOers with things like keyword analysis, page speed, and competitor analyses. One of the most underrated tools I use is Google Alerts! In this post I’ll show you how setting up Google Alerts can help your efficiency and how to set it up to become more proactive within your SEO campaign and online marketing efforts.

Related News & Current Events

Setting up Google Alerts on related news and current events for your brand is an easy way for your brand to insert itself into relevant industry conversations and provide your stance on the subject matter.

Let’s say your company is passionate about technology and education because you sell consumer electronics. Setting up a Google Alert around “school budget cuts” leads you to an elementary school in New York who won’t be receiving the funding for technology they need to teach their students due to budget cuts. Could you help with a charitable donation or raise awareness on the matter? What’s your take on the subject? How are you helping the situation?

related news and current events


Setting up alerts for your named competitors is an easy way to see what they’re up to at a glance.

In this Google Alert for Best Buy, two articles give insight into the company’s Black Friday promotions. In upcoming promotions like Black Friday, we know consumers are going to be looking for the best deals and will definitely be doing some comparison shopping. Can you provide them with a better deal or deals on newer products?


Your Brand

Setting up a Google Alert on your own brand name lets you know how you’re being talked about around the web. This can lead to opportunities to:

  • Find your fans and see what others have to say about you
  • Get ideas for new features or content partnerships
  • Acquire new links

So let’s say an alert comes up that your electronics company has been mentioned by a leading technology publication. This is great! Right? The electronics company is saying your review on the latest Canon DSLR camera was in their top 3, and anyone looking to purchase that model should check your review out. Problem is, they didn’t link back to your site when they mentioned you. You now have an opportunity to maximize the mention by requesting that they link back your brand to your domain in order to gain link equity from that post. These are also called unlinked mentions.

This can also be seen as an opportunity for a content partnership or feature: in the future, when you’re posting your next product review or coming up with a new tech tip, said technology publication readers would really enjoy seeing your relevant content.

That’s it! What are some ways you like to use Google Alerts? Comment below!


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