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You shoved back that important deadline, spilled coffee on your new shirt (and may or may not have stress-eaten three donuts from the break room) – but alas! Your business’s latest on-site blog post is complete. Helloooo SEO perks!

Only it’s a week later, and you’ve yet to see any boosts in traffic. What’s the deal!? You put in time, you put forth effort, and you ate four… I mean three… donuts to get this blog post done.

The answer is, it could be one of many things. Sit down, grab a notepad and pencil, and find out 5 hard truths on why your blog post isn’t bringing in traffic.

1. Readers Don’t Know What You’re Talking About

We know, it can be tempting to share everything you know about a particular topic. Especially if it is one you are passionate about. However, one of the most common reasons for an unsuccessful blog post is a lack of structure or focus on the main idea. Keep readers actively engaged, by asking yourself the following questions before you start writing:

  • What is the point of my blog post?
  • What action do I want readers to take after reading my post?
  • How can I uniquely angle this to make it my own?

Once you have the answers to these questions, create an outline and stick to it!

2. Readers Aren’t Interested

You might have written an awesome blog post on Topic A, but – unbeknownst to you – topic B is all the rage right now. Keep up-to-date on trending topics in your industry with sites like Feedly.com, Buzzsumo.com, and Alltop.com to find out what people are searching for.

3. Readers Can’t Get Past Your Introduction

No matter how helpful, interesting, or thought provoking your blog post is, it’s not getting read with a dull introduction. Pique a reader’s attention straight from the get-go, with these tips:

  • Spit it out! Tell them what this post is about and how it’s going to make their lives better.
  • Vary your sentence length! Longer sentences are compelling, but they must be broken up by shorter ones to keep a reader’s interest.
  • Kill the clichés. We’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times. The impact they have on a piece of writing has worn off.

4. Readers Are Too Lazy To Deal With Your Layout

Blog readers have short attention spans, they want answers quickly, and they are turned off by large paragraphs of text. Keep a reader’s interest with these tips:

  • Use a simple list structure in your blog titles (5 reasons, 10 tips, etc.), and bold those listed points in the body of your blog.
  • Keep posts short and sweet – between 300-700 words.
  • Include engaging visuals.


5. Readers Can’t Find Your Blog Post:

A compelling blog post doesn’t matter to readers if they don’t know it exists! Use these tips to promote and drive traffic to your recent blog posts:

  • Link your newer blog posts to older, ‘evergreen’ posts that already have SEO value.
  • Understand the best time of day to reach your target audience, and share your blog post across social media platforms accordingly.
  • Include high search volume keywords to catch the attention of the SERPs.

Get more Wpromote blog writing tips, here!


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