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No no, just kidding, there isn’t a real Google voting method, but everyone’s favorite G-company is definitely starting to tackle some political issues in a variety of ways.

To begin with, it has just come out that Google is going to be starting a comprehensive campaign to get people to register and actually show up to the polls to vote this year. They will be doing this through the use of a voter info and registration map both in the classic computer and mobile versions, along with, other nifty gadgets and widgets to provide helpful voter registration information, which is tied into your home address.

The next neat new thing that Google is trying to do is help sponsor a celebrity effort to get people to vote, using the clever tactic of reverse psychology, telling people, “don’t vote.”


It’s hard to tell how much good mixing the clout of both Google and celebrities could be to voter registration and poll turn out, but I know I’m at least trying to be very optimistic about it. I think Google has the right idea by trying to increase awareness and to foster educating yourself on the politics that will be affecting all of us very soon.

Finally, Google has started to show some of its colors, coming out against the anti-gay marriage initiative that is taking place in California, Proposition 8. Sergey Brin, one of the founders of Google, posted on the official blog that they aren’t a fan of the proposition or legislation that continually encroaches on people’s personal lives and threatens to keep someone from marrying the person they love, regardless of their sexuality. I would say it’s a pretty good way to put it and a great stance to have in today’s society – mind your own damn business if it’s a personal matter. Though, of course, it has started to make some right wing groups call out for a boycott against Google. I guess all this started to solve the mystery for some of why they made up a word/company name from the letter G, and they didn’t like the outcome.

Personal viewpoints aside, I think everyone should be supporting and applauding the type of action Google is taking. We need active participation in government from every level and demographic if we are truly going to try and sculpt a better world for ourselves.


3 thoughts on “Gvote
  1. Paul says:

    @Amulek: I don’t think copy-pasting the same blurb to every blog post is going to accomplish anything. To really make a statement, consider following the example of Thích Quảng Đức.

  2. John Mulkey says:

    I applaud any company, especially one with the impact of Google, for trying to entice the electorate to study the issues and candidates and to vote. And, to me, minding your own business means just that. Businesses should focus upon running their companies with integrity and being the best at what they do, and not use their position to try to sway opinions to their own points of view.

  3. Amanda says:

    Well said, Ted!!

    While I may not always find Sergey or Eric ‘tactful’ in some of their reproaches, I do find their activism commendable and much needed, especially with the state of the world shifting as it is. If we want to move in a better direction, we need to speak up.


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