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If you are the CEO of a fast growing company and are interested in expanding into foreign markets, you need to invest in developing a global video content campaign.Global-Video-Content

Creating an online video campaign that is broadcasted throughout the world allows you to infiltrate markets that extend beyond the United States and to regions that have untapped potential considering new forms of reach and revenue.

Producing video content to support your company’s search marketing efforts allows you to broadcast your brand to millions of potential customers at a cost that is significantly less than television advertisements. You are also able to place your brand in front of consumers where they actively participate the most. What this means is, opposed to traditional television where the consumer is in a passive state and allows content to enter their space, online video sees the viewer as proactive; someone who actively searches and seeks out the content they want to watch.

Video also provides a unique way to convey and communicate information about your brand to existing and potential customers. Considering face-to-face forms of content, video commands the greatest user reaction because of its ability to successfully stimulate the majority of one’s senses and entice an emotional response. This response can be manipulated in ways that influence the viewer to act and move further down the conversion funnel; allowing brands to significantly support their annual traffic and revenue goals.

So if you are interested in expanding abroad and are considering whether or not you should allocate a portion of your marketing budget to online video development, consider these facts:

  • YouTube has more than 1 billion unique visits each month
  • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month
  • 70% of all YouTube traffic derives from consumers outside of the U.S.
  • YouTube is localized in 56 countries & across 61 languages
  • There are thousands of YouTube channels that earn over $100,000 a year

Take Your Video Campaign Abroad By Setting Up Different Channels

When looking to expand globally through online video content, make sure that you create and host various channels for each market you are trying to infiltrate. Understanding and adhering to cultural considerations associated with language and behavior allows you to enhance your consumer relations by establishing an authentic connection with your viewers. From a search marketing perspective, setting up multiple channels allows you to customize your message to meet the needs of multiple audiences, as long as you are publishing unique videos across each channel.

You can improve your brand’s visibility and traffic opportunity by adding in foreign-language search parameters and geo-target keywords that allow you to successfully rank in specific regions where your target audience resides.

Optimization Tactics Apply Globally

Opposed to article content that resides on a WordPress blog, videos hosted on YouTube do not allow for as much optimization. However, the same basic rules that are applied to optimizing the foundation of an article can also be manipulated in order to advance search visibility and rankings for videos.

Make sure that your video content is set to the language of the audience that you are trying to attract. Once this happens, you can then fulfill and optimize the video by adding your translated keywords in the:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Your Branded Channel’s Bio Section
  • Tags


Complete your efforts by manually uploading a transcript to each published video. This specific action allows search engines to successfully recognize and index the keywords that your video uses; so make sure that your transcripts align correctly with the grammar and style of the culture you are catering to.

Choose Alternative Platforms To Maximize Your Qualified Traffic

youku-tudou-logosYouTube is not the only kid on the block that allows you to successfully connect with millions of consumers. If you are interested in expanding your business in Asian markets and specifically in China, then you need to utilize and publish your videos on Youku or Tudou. These two platforms compensate for the government banned YouTube and allows brands to connect with consumers who are steadily becoming more viable in terms of economic influence and stimulation.

So make sure that before you create multiple branded channels across the world that you research what video platforms are most engaged with within the particular markets you are trying to expand in.


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