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– Fixes and more! Google has been listening (did they ever stop?).

If you did not know this, Yesterday Google announced a new version of Webmaster Tools.

Login to your Google account, click on Webmaster Tools (if you’ve never been there before, go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools you will need a Google account) and click on the ‘Check out our new look!’ link to see for yourself:
Webmaster Tools New Look

Our SEO Team was waiting for something to happen as we noticed a lack of reporting happening across the board on all Webmaster Tools accounts and sure enough, Google was up to something again.

This short video explains just some of the new features, notably the ability to have an email address to send reports to that is not necessarily the same as the account you login with:


One of the most USEFUL things in Webmaster Tools, particularly for Keyword Discovery, an important part of Search Engine Optimization in the early and ongoing phases of a campaign is the ‘Top Search Queries’ that Google’s Webmaster Tools Provides.

This NEW version ( actually gives you much more information than in the past and simply straight up tells you what keywords are causing YOUR page to be displayed in the Google Search Results Pages. Further, the right side column tells you which results actually were clicked-through to your page, helping you see which keywords are actually providing real traffic from organic search.


We’ve now noticed that it will be easier to talk less ‘savvy’ webmasters through this interface as the area for duplicate Meta Descriptions and Titles, now called ‘HTML Suggestions’.

Webmaster Tools Screenshot - HTML Suggestions


What I can’t stand is that this information provided in the ‘Top Search Queries’ does not really reflect the current search results and is rarely accurate. For example, we see that we’re ranking for ‘Google Logo’ in the #3 position, with a click-through showing the #2 position, however I never saw it anywhere within the first 100 results when searching for it myself.

So please keep in mind that these ‘Top Search Queries’ may be ‘one time occurences’ at the time of the snapshot that Google took, or perhaps filtered in some bizarre way, or from a different data center possibly from where you are (likely a combination of all of these factors).


At least this tool will provide you with knowledge of things being searched on in your niche, which when combined with the adwords keyword tool – https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal – to find search volumes for new terms, can help you really round out your keyword list to target.

We’ll work with this new format and post responses or a new blog as we find more juicy tibits about Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Feel free to comment if you have noticed anything else so far.

Thanks, – Aaron Kronis – Director of Search Engine Optimization, Wpromote Inc.


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