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There are roughly two months until the 2016 presidential election. For Americans who plan to vote this year, this means it’s time to double down on Election Day prep.

Whether you need a quick refresher on a candidates’ stance on an issue or instructions on how to register as a voter in your state, Google’s Knowledge Graph has rich search results to help get your questions answered quickly.

That’s right. You don’t need to visit a single website to get (some) of your Election Day questions answered. Pull out your smartphone and follow along with these five:


1. “When is the presidential election?”

The general election is always held the first Tuesday, that proceeds the first Monday, of November. But just in case you forget, Google’s Knowledge Graph has your back.



2. “How to vote?”

Google’s Knowledge Graph offers impressively detailed instructions on how, when, and the requirements needed to vote in every state.



3. “Who are the presidential candidates?”

Democratic and Republican presidential candidates tend to get brighter spotlights in the media. However, Google’s Knowledge Graph also lists third party candidates in carousel results.


4. “What is [candidate’s] campaign finance?”

Google’s Knowledge Graph can tell you how much money each candidate has raised for their campaign, how much of that money came from super PACS vs. donations, and which industries have donated the most to the campaign.


“What is [Clinton/Trump’s] stance on [issue]?”

Google’s Knowledge Graph offers brief snippets of both the Democratic and Republican candidates’ stance on a range of political issues – including education, gun control, immigration, and more.


Like this post? Learn more about how Google rich search results work here.


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