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The next step in experiencing TV is here, and it is brought to you by Google TV.  At the Google I/O conference this year the announcement was made that Google TV would be released this Fall, and would be available to subscribers of all cable and satellite providers.  Google TV will be linked to your television by utilizing a single box, which is the same size as a cable or satellite box.  This box will act as a combination between a DVR and a hard drive connected to the Internet.

Google TV Box

Google TV Box

Initially there will be more applications available for satellite subscribers of DISH Network, but because Google TV will be launched on an open Android platform, applications will inevitably be developed to interact with additional interfaces.
Standard features of Google TV include allowing users to browse the internet on their TV, scheduling the recording of shows from their mobile phones, push websites from other internet devices on to the TV, interact with applications from their Android phones, and other innovational functions.

YouTube LeanBack Interface

YouTube Leanback Interface

Google TV will also have a distinct integration with YouTube that will act as your personal channel called YouTube Leanback.  This YouTube Leanback channel is generated by personal subscriptions or preferences, and requires no browsing because videos will have already been chosen for users before they log on.

Google has teamed up with Best Buy to be the exclusive distributer of the Google TV box.  The Intel processor, Atom, will be utilized in the product because of its leading capability to handle video online, and its compatibility with HD products that are already in common use today.  Sony will be constructing TVs that are designed specifically to integrate with Google TV, and Logitech will be the company that constructs the box itself.

After introducing the product and the partners behind it Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, reminded the audience of programmers and engineers that the code for Google TV will be available as open source information.  As an underlining theme throughout the product’s launch the speakers made the idea apparent that Google anticipated the assistance of outside companies to write applications for this new product.  Google’s orators concluded this buzz worthy announcement by presenting this paradigm to the attending engineers, “Google TV is a smarter TV.  It’s where TV meets the Web, and where the Web meets TV.”



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