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Earlier this month, Google added a new report to their Reports Tool.  This new option allows advertisers/account managers to see where the PPC clicks they are getting are coming from.  While we all know the benefits of geo-targeting certain markets can be great, this takes things to another level.

Advertisers have always been able to geo-target their campaigns, allowing them to compare CTRs & conversion rates from different markets.  However, this new tool allows advertisers to take this one step further.  Using this tool, advertiser can now run nationwide ads and determine what markets they should be focusing on in a relatively limited amount of time, all the way down to the ad-group level.  While this could be costly for smaller businesses trying to determine what markets to focus on, this could be extremely effective for nationwide businesses looking to target only the highest performing markets.  In addition, advertisers can further optimize their campaigns by focusing on the markets that have the highest conversion rates and/or ROI.  So, start running those reports people!

Read more at the official Google Blog.


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