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Google, meet Vogue. Vogue, this is Google.

Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne

It’s as if the search and fashion gods have finally aligned! Google is not only at the forefront of everything online, but now also fashion-forward. This past Friday the internet giant debuted Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) finalist designs on the highly anticipated Google Store. The clothing and accessories were the winning creations of the 2009 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund annual event. Befittingly, Google VP Marissa Mayer originally announced the contest finalists. If you don’t already know who Marissa Mayer is, you should, well, Google her. Stanford alum, one of Google’s first employees, and Silicon Valley socialite frequently photographed in designer dresses, she defines what it is to be a Search Bombshell.

google-and-vogueThe Google/CFDA collection includes a Peace “Vintage” T-shirt by Gary Graham an Oversize Knit Scarf in Google colors by Ohne Titel, and an Old Fashioned Magnified Glass inspired pendant, created by Waris Ahulwalia of HOUSE OF WARIS. Why a magnifying glass, you ask? Because “search is at the heart of everything Google does,” said Ahulwalia. Duh. Ahulwalia even crafted a “1” into the clasp of the pendant chain, and was sure to have exactly 100 zero-shaped links which represent the “Google” number, in which the search engine’s name is based. Forget the iPad, this is what every SEO bombshell needs!


4 thoughts on “Bites from an SEO Bombshell
  1. Jesse says:

    You should also note that Marissa Mayer is a native of Wisconsin. Chalk one up for my home state!

  2. mike stone says:

    great post, but i am still not paying $300 for a google inspired scarf…

  3. John says:

    Stone doesn’t know what he’s missing out on – I’ve been checking the UPS tracking number on mine every 15 minutes.

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