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Welcome to the second video in the joint Wpromote and Google video series! In this series, Wpromote Founder & CEO Michael Mothner meets with Google’s Katheline Jean-Pierre for a series of interviews at Google HQ to discuss Wpromote success stories, our recommendations to supercharge your digital efforts, our marketing strategies and best practices, and more! The first blog post can be found here. Meanwhile, check out our second video below:

We’ve talked about our full funnel strategy before, but in this video, Mothner goes into depth not only about how it works but the philosophy behind why it works, and what makes it so effective. He describes how the process of shopping is a cycle in six parts, and goes through all six phases in his own words. He also emphases why one piece of the cycle – the “purchase” piece, which gets “95% of marketers’ attention” – is not the only piece that should receive attention.

Also addressed is the question of attribution in a multi-channel, cross-device world, which Mothner describes as a “pain point.” Accepting that there is no silver-bullet answer to the question of attribution is the first step towards finding workarounds that best suit a digital brand’s needs. And when it comes to the question of ROI, while brands should unquestionably pay attention to getting the sale, focus shouldn’t be placed only on ensuring the customer makes that purchase. They should also be strategizing for long-term growth, testing new initiatives, and the locking in lifetime value of their customers.

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Check out the rest of the video above to hear Mike’s thoughts on the full funnel strategy and how it can help businesses and brands take advantage of the customer lifecycle! Circle back to our blog as we post more videos in the Wpromote and Google video series!


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