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Robin Sloan, a writer and media inventor based in San Francisco, wrote a great article about Facebook and Google, basically pitting them against each other. I’m going to borrow some information from his post and build upon it, but you should check out the original article here.

As Sloan states in his article, when you strip Facebook down, what you get is a massively successful and well-executed photo sharing site. In the last three months of 2011, users uploaded up to 250 million photos every day. All of the sudden the acquisition of Instagram for such a large price tag makes a lot of sense. If another picture sharing website rises in popularity, Facebook loses users. Remember MySpace? Of course you don’t. That’s because Facebook came up with a much better formula for uploading and sharing pictures with your friends.

In my opinion, Google+ is a long way off from even being able to touch Facebook with a ten-foot pole but I’m not here to set up a title bout. Purely speculating, Google+ could potentially just be a beta to what Glass users will use to share their experiences. Only time will tell but perhaps vision will become as synonymous with Google+ as photos have become to Facebook.

Glass looks like the closet piece of technology to science fiction we’ve achieved thus far so at the very least it will turn heads.

By the time Glass hits the market, Google+ may not be as big as Facebook, in fact I highly doubt it. But Google will have a well-established, smooth running site ready to be integrated with sharing experiences through Glass.

Do the Glass glasses look completely hideous? Yes. Are they going to be extremely expensive? Most likely. Will a large chunk of America follow celebrities and athletes as they share part of their lives with us through Glass? Absolutely. Pair that with the potential advantages it could provide in various professional environments and Glass could become extremely successful in a very short period of time (please note the two ‘coulds’ in that sentence).

Following celebrities and professional environments is not the same as social networks though, so how would Glass have an affect on Facebook? Well, to access Glass you’ll need a Google+ account. In fact, it’s safe to guess that to interact with anything Glass related at all, you’ll need a Google+ account. Don’t feel like signing up? Well that’s your loss.

Your best friend Vicky is going to know what it’s like to walk around in Justin Bieber’s shoes for a day and your boyfriend Josh will be raving about how he can fix his jump shot because he sees what Kevin Durant sees (hint: his jumper will not improve). Before you’re even aware of what is going on you have a Google+ account and you’re watching “the Situation Vision,” a new viral offshoot of Jersey Shore. Be honest with yourself, does that sound unrealistic? Not to mention a whole new level of ‘lolcats’ entertainment (just think about it).

It is far too difficult to know exactly how people will react to Glass when it finally does reach the public. It is also too hard to tell what kind of affect it will have on the social networking world but it is certain to have an effect. Personally, I think it would be pretty cool to see what a quarterback sees when he’s scanning the field for an open receiver or what my favorite guitarist is actually looking at when he is shredding a solo on stage. What would you like to experience first hand through the eyes of another?


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