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Tonight concluded what we at Wpromote hope will be only the first of many visits to the Googleplex in the spirit of sharing ideas. That’s right, Michael Mothner “the captain of the good ship Wpromote” and I just got back from the Google Client Forum. This annual get-together is essentially a glorified airing of grievances for agencies and mega-clients to Google.

It’s true that we spend a good amount of time on this blog singing Google’s praises, and deservedly so, make no mistake about it. Google is heads and shoulders above their “competitors”, i.e. Yahoo and MSN. Needless to say, Google’s insatiable desire to improve their phenomenal product is the very characteristic that allows them to out pace their competition. Google’s search for perfection isn’t just a company tag line; they really mean it. Priority #1 on the agenda for Google at the Forum was to find out what they aren’t doing well, what they’re doing that annoys us and what they’re doing that just doesn’t make sense.

Our clients will be happy to know that Michael Mothner and I have kept a record of the complaints that we have received and we made sure to air these concerns to some of the most influential figures at one of the most influential companies in the world. From the woes of expanded broad match to the frustration created by the “all other queries” notice in a search query report; from the inability to collect conversion data by the hour to the problems that continue to plague the content network; from ills of dormant keywords to the lack of communication with interruptions of service…

We covered it all!

I hope that there are two things that our clients can take away from this blog/our trip to Google:

1) We’ve been listening to you,
2) Google just got finished listening to us… and they really listened!

At the end of the day, Wpromote was honored and privileged to be one of only four agencies in the world invited to take part in this Forum. In addition to this, we are all truly indebted to Google for creating an advertising medium through which we can help our clients achieve success. Most importantly, however, we are thankful that Google holds this conference and makes it their mission to ensure that next year the grievances aired will have nothing to do with the ones from 2007 because, ideally, they will have already been addressed, fixed and left behind at that point.

It wasn’t easy to dole out criticism to a company that we ultimately appreciate despite any of their flaws. However, when one looks at the situation from Google’s point of view, it is easy to understand how venerable a company they really are. Google will be fine without our/your feedback; they’ve accomplished so much already and this is undeniable. Therefore, it is even more admirable that they would not only welcome critiques and suggestions but also invent a forum in order to make sure that such advice made it directly to the people who have the power to make systematic changes for the better. Overall, the Google Client Forum was a wonderful experience. Personally, I look forward to working hard for my clients so that we will continue to be thought of as a search marketing authority. Only through this action will we be able to continue to represent our clients and the great ideas that they pose to us on a daily basis.


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