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In my eyes Facebook will inevitably provide its users with the capability of a comprehensive online search. This is a stance that almost no one I speak with shares until I ask, “Why wouldn’t Facebook provide search for its users?”  What is stopping Facebook from relieving its members from the chore of leaving the Facebook platform to perform a search?

screen-shot-2010-11-16-at-65355-pmJust in case you did not know Facebook recently revealed that they are going to be providing its members with the capability of writing emails from Facebook, sort of.  They are going to create a way for you to broadcast your emails, texts, instant messages, or other type of conversational tool with your friends,  and allow them to respond with any communication tool they feel appropriate.

screen-shot-2010-11-16-at-72231-pmThe buzz about this new Facebook feature started back in February with the mention of Project Titan, and then was revamped when Techcrunch got word of a launch date.  By Monday afternoon, if you cared at all about being the first of your friends to have an @facebook.com email address you probably found this page.

screen-shot-2010-11-16-at-80349-pmThere has been the anticipated protest by the loyal Hotmail crowd, and the eager to join Facebook enthusiasts, and then there is a different crowd that is charitable and eager to join.  They can be found at Ebay right now, bidding on Facebook email accounts.

To prove my point that Facebook will inevitably include search, I want to bring up the last few releases that Facebook put out;  Places, Deals, Facebook Games, and now Facebook email.  These increasingly popular applications are not trying to challenge the search industry head on, but are successfully reaching out to the heavy users of social media.  This potential shift in the way we organize an everyday action like email makes me wonder what our online experience might be six months from now.

If you think Facebook will not try to infuse a Google-type search into their platform please tell me why you think that is below.


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