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At the core of your online presence is your website platform. It is the foundation that all your future digital endeavors are rooted in, and therefore it is crucial that you select the right one from the start.

While there are many website platforms to choose from, one stands above most others in terms of user-friendliness and design/customization options: WordPress.

This platform may carry a stigma of being a “blogger” platform, but the truth is that wordpress.org powers nearly a fifth of the most powerful websites in the world (not to be confused with wordpress.com, which is more limiting).


There are many reasons why WordPress is such a popular platform. However, the key factors all come back to simplicity, as in:

  • Simple to learn to use
  • Simple to update and edit
  • Simple for users to navigate

Unlike other website platforms (for example Drupal or Joomla, which have a steep learning curve), the average, non-coding human can learn his or her way around WordPress with ease. Once the site is launched, content can be regularly updated, added, and changed according to your desires. Since WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System), you can manage your website pages without fancy, techy programming skills. You can effortlessly add pages, images, blog posts, and more. And the great design options of WordPress allow users to naturally navigate to the content you want them to find.

Highly Customizable

No matter what your product, service, or style, WordPress has the tools to help you craft a site to suit your needs. The platform has many built in themes and features that can be customized to meet your design and function goals.

Furthermore, there are tons of free plugins that allow you to enhance your website’s performance in an innumerable amount of ways. A few examples include:

  • WooCommerce – helps you sell products online
  • NextGEN – for image galleries
  • Yoast – aids with search engine optimization
  • Jet Pack – helps increase website traffic and adds a layer of protection against hackers

Other Advantages Of WordPress:

  • Search Engine & SEO-Friendly pages are easily customizable for best SEO practices, and the platform is inherently designed for optimal site architecture.
  • It’s Free not only is the basic WordPress platform free, but whenever new upgrades/versions become available to enhance your site, they are free as well.
  • Built In Syndication your content can automatically convert to RSS feeds and syndicate to other websites, thus making it portable and able to reach a much greater audience.
  • Multi-User Friendly you can assign other contributors to your site, allowing more than one person to log in and publish content under a unique user name.
  • Built On PHP – this non-proprietary programming language is free, widely used, and has terrific documentation and support, unlike, say, ASP.
  • Reliable because WordPress is the most widespread website platform in the world, people are always updating it and it is in no danger of becoming obsolete in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving digital world. WordPress’s library of add-ons and plugins is constantly growing, and there is a lot of manpower dedicated to making sure the platform remains top tier.

So What’s The Final Word?

With its high functionality, ease of usage, and exemplary customization capabilities, WordPress is a website platform full of benefits and possibilities. There are, of course, many other advantages to the platform aside from the ones listed above, but these are some of the more important, distinguishing aspects. If these factors match your online presence goals, then what more can you ask for?


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