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Whether you’re an orthodontist or a tailor, a blacksmith or a baker, a food blogger or an ophthalmologist, the success of your website is dependent on well-written content.

Having high-quality, customized, keyword-rich content is crucial to any website, for it is content that influences your site visitors and search engine rankings.

While design and user interface are important aspects of a site, it is the content that engages visitors, can keep them coming back, and can persuade them to take an action. Meanwhile, since search engines like Google cannot “see,” they do not take things like design and imagery into account; they judge and gauge your website by its content. Therefore, you want all your content to count and be written with proper SEO in mind.

In this blog we will talk about well-written content with regards to appealing to the user. In our next Girl vs. Internet blog we’ll discuss the SEO and keyword aspects of quality content, which are also extremely vital.

Compelling & Regularly Updated

Content—at its core—needs to deliver the right message to your audience, keeping visitors engaged and providing them with the information they need for your site, service, and so on. If you treat your content like a space-filler between visuals, then it is useless. All content matters and you must treat it as such. Write with conviction and passion. And most importantly, write for the users—the people you are trying to persuade to do something. Formulate text that not only targets their interests, but also speaks to them with strength.

In order to keep visitors coming back, update your site content as frequently as possible. Give people a reason to return. There is no hard and set rule for how often you must update the content on your site; basically, it is whenever you can. However, how often you should update is affected by the type of site you have. If you have a site about, say, new movies coming out, you’ll obviously want to update regularly in order to remain relevant. If your site represents a more static topic, like dermatology or shoe repair, adding or revising a couple new pages a month should suffice.

Overall, you want to change up and revitalize your website content periodically to keep your visitors interested and stay relevant.

Hitting What Matters

Do not mistake quality content with a lot of content. You do not need to write a book for every section or service on your website. With the enormity of the internet, competitors vying for visitors, and the short attention span of your average web user, you need to make your point efficiently.

Say what you are trying to say as concisely as possible. Make sure all the information you need is there, but do not overwhelm your website visitors either. Persuasive, powerful content does not drag on; nor should it need to. To quote Albert Einstein, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

For The Love of Grammar

Tragically, a lot of content out there is rich in grammar mistakes. This might not seem like a big deal, but it is.

A blatant spelling or punctuation mistake is like a small mustard stain on your blazer. It does not matter if it is a designer outfit with a cut that makes you look hot and a color that makes your eyes pop. If you have that little stain, people will notice, and it will detract from the overall look you are trying to present, lowering others’ opinions of you. After all, if you are trying to convince website users to consider a buying action, how can you expect them to trust that you have a quality product or service if your content is sloppy?

As such, it is vital your content is grammatically clean. Many website owners will spend a lot of money on their site’s design, but not much on the content. This is a mistake. You need content that not only gives users the information they want and require, but also looks polished and professional, because that sends trusts signals.


If you have the time and the writing skill to compose your own content with confidence, then do so. However, since not everyone is Shakespeare, or has tons of time to update a site while running the business the site represents, hiring a copywriter is a great solution.

A professional copywriter, or an online presence management service (like the ones offered at Wpromote) that comes with well-written SEO content, is worth investing in. Having a professional compose your content alleviates the stress about regularly updating your site, and you can count on such a person to produce concise, high-quality writing that meets the needs of your site and is constructed to call your visitors to action.

What’s In A Word . . .

To sum up, quality content is a cornerstone of success on your website. If done well, it will engage your website visitors, keep them interested on return visits, and compel them into taking the action you want them to (i.e. buying a service, scheduling an appointment, sharing some information, etc.). So get started on writing quality content today. The above advice should guide you to compose content that appeals to your website visitors. To learn how to write content that appeals to the search engines, check back on Friday for the next Girl vs. Internet blog!


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