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Geotargeting allows Ecommerce businesses to deliver personally tailored content to visitors based on location. Doing so offers multiple benefits, including building deeper rapport with customers, encouraging more conversions, and boosting the site’s local SEO authority. Read on to learn how geotargeted content can help Ecommerce businesses succeed!

Builds Rapport

Geotargeted content can help build rapport with website visitors by highlighting information that they are uniquely interested in. For example, an Ecommerce site with multiple storefronts can use IP address tracking to show the addresses, contacts, and maps of locations nearest them. 

Encourages Conversions

Geotargeting also helps encourage more conversions by highlighting deals and promotions to visitors within a geographical area (think Groupon or Living Social). Location pages also complement geotargeted PPC, social, and email campaigns by providing a highly relevant page to link back to.

Boosts Local SEO

When it comes to local SEO ranking factors, on-page signals – such as NAP and local keywords – take up a big piece of the pie. Creating a unique landing page for each location is an excellent way for a business with multiple locations to rank well for location-based terms.

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How has geotargeted content helped your business improve? Share with us in the comments below!


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