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Nowadays almost every major brand or company uses Social Media daily. Most brands know how to do it correctly, but some make little errors that make people tick. These 4 mistakes could be costly to your Social campaign:


  1. Picture Errors – this may include sizes, quality, or the image itself. The biggest size error that annoys people is an image that looks like it was taken off a Nokia phone back in 2005. This also applies for quality! A picture that is the correct size and better quality will outperform every time. Some brands like to push their images to the edge and sometimes go too far! Risqué photos may bring more engagement, but is susceptible to negative comments that ultimately may outweigh the positive. Pro Tip: Use filters like “large” or “high quality” when searching for images.
  2. Account Connection Errors – Connecting your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram seems like a great idea at first, but this can bring a few mistakes, like character counts and tagging, along with it. If your Facebook message is over 140 characters Twitter automatically cuts it off and adds  “…” which can leave your followers with half a message. Tags don’t work the same on Facebook as they do on Twitter and Instagram. When you tag someone on those platforms with an auto post to Facebook, it can leave the tag unconnected. Your followers will be annoyed they can’t click to get where they want. Pro Tip: Don’t connect accounts, manually post to each or schedule each separately.


  1. Hashtags – I think everyone who has used the Internet in the past few years has hashtag pet peeves! When I hear other people talk about them they usually include overuse, spelling errors, and extra-Supercalifragilisticexpialidociously-long. Tagssocial-mistakes2 are a way of categorizing posts on social media. Hitting every single category on the Internet is not the right way. Select a few precise hashtags that go with your post, and use them sparingly. Auto-correct and spell check doesn’t help with hashtags because they don’t include spaces. We overlook the fact that there could actually be an error in the spelling and often don’t double check. Make sure you are correctly spelling your HT’s. The one I hate the most is the overly long and never before used hashtag like #Ilovewalkingmydogtothestore. You sir/ma’am have just been un-followed. Pro Tip: Use correctly, sparingly, and re-read them for errors!
  2. Wall of Text – Just because you have 420 or 140 characters doesn’t mean you should use all of them! Use your website or a blog for your longer content and link back to it on your social accounts. Also using up all 140 characters in your twitter post leaves no room for reply tweets. If possible, cut copy down to about 120-130 characters. Pro Tip: Use your Facebook post to drive traffic to a blog, not the other way around!

Thanks for reading about these four Social Media tips, good luck out there!



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