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Technology & gadget news has always seemed fun to report on.  From wacky software to ridiculously overpriced inventions, gadget blogs such as Gizmodo & Engadget cover it all.

So for one day only, let’s turn the Wpromoter into a gadget blog.  Opinionated, overtly techy, and hopefully a fun read.  Today’s post will focus on hard drives and where they might just go in 2009.

The Disaster Proof Hard Drive

Fire-proof, water-proof, everything-proof external hard drives have existed for quite some time now.  While these products have been marketed more to businesses and customers in need of data security, they’ve yet to hit the mainstream consumer.  Yes, Moore’s Law does seem to hold true for hard drives, but my opinion is in this down economy consumers are more interested in smaller and less expensive hard drives that offer additional features such as network capabilities, security and disaster-proof architecture.

Recently at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), IOSafe demonistrated their “ultimate fireproof and waterproof external hard drive.”  After burning the drive in 1200 degree flames and continuously drenching it in water, the hard drive came out alive with all of its data (there’s a video of it over all the Wallstreet Journal Blog if you’d like to see).

Not a particularly new invention, but well marketed with a great entry-level pricing point of $149.  And if faced with a decision of whether I should purchase a standard 500 GB External Hard Drive for $99 or spend $149 on a disaster proof drive to store my family photos on, I think I’d choose the latter.  Where exactly does this bring us then?  I think 2009 will be a big year for hard drive manufacturers.  We’ll start seeing a new trend from hard drive manufacturers with less of a marketing focus on size and a bigger shift towards additional features consumers crave.  Will IOSafe lead the charge?  We’re not sure.  But come up with a viral video, maybe pair up with BlendTec, keep competitive prices and I think they just might start capturing a larger portion of that consumer pie.


3 thoughts on “2009: The Year Of The Disaster-Proof Hard Drive?
  1. This makes the tiny palm-sized 500 GB external drive I just purchased look like a joke…sigh. Where were you last week when I ordered it?

  2. Joe says:

    How about shock resistant? I usually dance around happily with my hard drive in my arms. Wouldn’t want it to drop and malfunction on me while backing up my Gossip Girl episodes.

  3. Amir says:

    So after the drive just fails from the inside, I won’t be able to burn it in frustration?

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