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I know, I know-another Facebook-altering update? Changes to the site’s user interface have consistently been met with criticism, if not all-together uproar, and this occasion is no exception. The real question at hand is how you, as either an individual or a business, can harness the upheaval and end up on top (…of the newsfeed).

Facebook Marketing with Nutella

Why didn’t they like my status?

We’ve all been there: scrolling through your newsfeed, rocking your snuggie while eating Nutella straight from the jar (no? Just me?)… When you come across a friend’s post with more ‘likes’ than you have Facebook friends and more ‘shares’ than you have real friends.

So what gives? It all boils down to this: times, they are a’changing. Facebook needed a little Facelift—and your page (especially if you are using it for Facebook marketing) may need one too. With the roll out of the new Facebook Newsfeed features, there are four principles you should live by. And yes, Facebook=Life.

1.   Visual Content is King

Newsfeed stories will focus heavily on photos, videos, and albums—opening up more creative space for both businesses and regular users. This is a win-win, because not only will the newsfeed be more aesthetically pleasing from a viewer’s perspective, but also will facilitate deeper engagement and transparency.

New Newsfeed Display

New Newsfeed Display


2.    Secure Your Presence in Newsfeeds

One of the most intriguing aspects of the update is the ability to choose different ‘filters’ or sections for your newsfeed. In the old, integrated stream you may have been subjected to an overwhelming amount of unwanted information (read: fervent debates between people who suddenly became political science professors during election season, with little-to-no knowledge of the issues at hand). But alas, I digress…

Facebook Politics

Now you will be able to avoid seeing posts like this!

But now, you have the option of viewing updates exclusively from family, musicians you follow or your friends are listening to, or only the pages you ‘like’ or ‘follow’. The key for businesses is to secure placement on one of these lists by giving users an incentive to ‘like’ their page or ‘follow’ them.

 3.    Brand Yourself & Engage With Like Minds

Facebook’s data collection and algorithmic analysis has enabled them to construct a complex social graph, where the stories you see are a reflection of your network and their interests. The saying ‘you are who you’re friends with’ is (virtually) more applicable than ever, so make sure you are connecting with the right people.

Facebook Friend Connection Wheel

Facebook Friend Connection Wheel

If you are posting content to the correct demographic, they are more likely to ‘like’ it and possibly share it to their network. And now, when a page gets a ‘like’ from a user, their cover photo will be displayed in the users newsfeed. Another opportunity for visual branding

4.    Leverage Targeted Advertising

Social validation is a powerful force in decision-making. Both from consumer and business perspectives, the integration of relevant advertisements facilitates a fruitful union. Users find out about cool products from their equally cool friends, and awesome brands connect with awesome people that are statistically more likely to be interested in them.

Sure, you could criticize targeted ads as creepy or invasive—but at least you are seeing ads that are applicable to your lifestyle. Have you ever fallen asleep watching TV and woken up to an infomercial about erectile dysfunction in the 65+ population? … I rest my case.

Creepy Infomercials

Targeted ads, or creepy infomercials: Pick your poison.


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