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While trying to harass people that refuse to be my friend on Facebook… and in life, I came across a new feature. If you try to “message” a person that you are not currently Facebook friends with, your message will get sent to that person’s “Other” folder. The “Other” folder is where dreams and long poems of love go to die… I know. The “Other” folder does not send an alert to the user, does not put a little red notification number on their Facebook page and certainly doesn’t get you a date to Sizzler. The “Other” folder in Facebook must be actively perused, by the user, to view it’s messages. If you have ever entered this mysterious folder you’ll find it’s mostly filled with spam advertisements and messages from your aunt whom you refuse to accept her Facebook friend request. Crazy bat!

Facebook-Other-FolderSo how does one get themselves a red number 1 over some friend of a friend you totally want to mack-on’s message icon? Simple! You pay Facebook $1. That’s right all you like-minded creeps. For only $1 you can pay to have a message in anyone’s Facebook message inbox. Hot chick who hates me (most)… $1. Local celebrity who still has a basic Facebook page… $1. Co-workers who keep telling you they want to keep their professional lives separate from their personal lives… $1. All I’m saying is, I’ve got dollar bills and I’ve got a lot to say.



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