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We love sharing amazing Challenger results – and we love it even more when those results get noticed by others. See the Facebook Case Study to learn how Harvest Hosts addressed seasonality with advanced strategies. 

Harvest Hosts, a travel membership program, compensated for a seasonal sales dip by incorporating tailored ad copy and applying Facebook campaign budget optimization. This led to a 30% increase in purchases in one month. To drive efficiency and revenue, they used a range of Facebook products, including Video Ads, Automatic Placements, and Lookalike Audiences. 

“Facebook continues to be integral in helping Harvest Host continue to expand its brand and grow at a sustainable rate. In a quarter that’s seasonally low, we’ve been able to not only test but scale our spend and stay below our target cost per action.”

-Joel Holland, CEO of Harvest Hosts 

“Facebook’s campaign budget optimization has supercharged Harvest Hosts’ growth! Being in the travel space, the business used to face big seasonality issues. By reaching the right audience with the right message, they were able to start acquiring new customers quickly at a fraction of the cost of other advertising efforts. They are now experiencing growth year-round.”

-Josh Yelle, Paid Social Manager at Wpromote 

Read the full Harvest Hosts Facebook Case Study to learn how our Challenger Mindset led to success.

We’re grateful for the team of Challengers who helped make this happen: 

  • Josh Yelle, Social Media Manager, Wpromote 
  • Joel Holland, CEO, Harvest Hosts 
  • Michelle McKelvey, Partner Manager, Facebook


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