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Interacting online with real-time media is quickly becoming a leading trend in recently released websites, content, and applications for smart phones. Staying updated and informed about the most recently released information is a feature that websites or applications have to offer in order to stay relevant.  Companies and concepts have emerged that cater to this constant real-time release of information like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, Gilt, and many more.  This article will help you understand why this trend is about to be integrated into your daily life, and will give you a look into some of the most popular real-time websites and applications that are only a few hours new.

screen-shot-2010-08-16-at-45431-pmFor those who have not heard yet, ESPN released a real-time media application that is similar to Foursquare late last week.  This application, named Passport, allows you to check into sporting events, see who is there, and converse with other attendees.  This application will allow true fans to declare there unwavering dedication to their team, and provide another platform for immense amounts of trash talking.  Philo and Miso are new real-time applications that allow people to chat about TV shows currently airing on public platforms.  These applications, will be apparent to mainstream app users by the Fall, and will undoubtedly continue to partner with cable conglomerates like Miso’s relationship with TNT.

Participating in real-time media provides extremely useful analytical information for companies, and that is why companies like Gap have implemented promotions for customers who check into Foursquare when showing up to shop.  Gap offered 25% off a foursquare participant’s entire purchase last weekend when they checked in, but because of the lack of advertisements for this event almost no one was aware of this opportunity.  Be on the look out for additional events like these in the future.

screen-shot-2010-08-16-at-55613-pmBlurring the line between entertainment on your phone and the real world is also something that real-time media is trying to offer with certain apps.  SCVNGR is a site that tries to link experiences in the real world with your phone by placing you on scavenger hunts with people in your area.  This app allows you to check into cafes or any location but also alerts you to scavenger hunts or activities that people are engaging in.   I am also reminded by my hunger that their are applications that give you up-to-the-moment announcements of where LA food trucks can be found.

The underlying factors of immediate interaction with real-time updates in entertainment, news, and contacts is the enjoyment people get by staying informed, and the benefits advertisers obtain by staying fresh on the minds of their consumers.  The constant presence of a company’s message is a dream come true for advertisers, but is easily disguised as daily entertainment.  The introduction of new interactive information is a great tool for a site’s SEO attempts as well, so integrating games or a reward system in your content is a great incentive to get customers to continually return to your site or app.

Please leave your favorite real-time website below so we can all stay in the loop.


One thought on “Apps for the Real-Time Era
  1. Joe Nguyen says:

    Real time apps? I would add:

    Siri – Virtual Assistant – Cost: Free
    AroundMe – Find out stores around your area – Cost: Free

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